(Clearwisdom) Practicing Falun Dafa gives me mental and physical health, improves my mind and moral character, and harmonizes my family.

I was heavyset and often had headaches and difficulty breathing on winter nights because of severe chronic rhinitis since my childhood. I couldn't ride elevators or take airplanes because of my heart problem. I caught cold easily and often. I had a bad temper, and my husband always compromised with me to avoid an argument.

Since I was introduced to the practice of Falun Gong in 1996, my bad temper improved and my physical condition gradually got better. My rhinitis and heart problem also unknowingly disappeared. I truly felt the joy of being healthy. I always followed the requirements of Dafa when dealing with conflicts, and I became more tolerant of others. Seeing my xinxing improvement, my husband became more supportive of my cultivation practice.

I firmly participated in group Fa study and practiced the exercises while I was pregnant with my daughter, who was born in 1998. She has never had any major sickness since she was born. Her health is strong evidence of the benefits of practicing Falun Gong, which I mention when I clarify the truth to people. My husband has continued to support my practicing Dafa even after July 20, 1999, the date the persecution began.

One fellow practitioner said to me in 1996 that practicing Dafa is a blessing. At that time I worked for a state-run enterprise and the business was not doing well. I had tried to change jobs a few years earlier, but I could not find a good one because I lacked influential references. I then applied for a position in public service in 1997. The competition was very stiff, especially for an engineering professional, as only 3 out of 96 applicants would be selected. Fortunately, I scored the second highest in writing among the applicants and also passed the oral interview, and I was hired. Many of my college classmates were amazed that I had passed this examination, which was advantageous to those who specialized in liberal arts. I told them that I was blessed because I was a Dafa practitioner.

After July 20, 1999, I always believed that Dafa practitioners were blessed. Master would not arrange for his disciples to cultivate in jails or forced labor camps. My husband worried about my safety when he discovered in 2001 that I was doing truth clarification work. I comforted him and told him that Master has arranged the best cultivation path for us. Master wants us to explain the truth and to save sentient beings and do the three things well. He would not arrange for his disciples to be arrested and put in jails or labor camps. How can we save sentient beings if we are arrested? Those bad things would not happen as long as we followed Master's requirements and cultivated ourselves well.

Under merciful Master's protection over these years, I have safely walked my cultivation path. I think that, when clarifying the truth, it is inappropriate for fellow practitioners to say that we Dafa practitioners have risked our lives. I enlightened that we will not be in any danger as long as we truly follow Master's requirements and righteously walk our cultivation path. Besides, we bring to sentient beings the grace of Dafa, that is "Buddha's light shines everywhere. Propriety and righteousness harmonize everything."

With the protection of Dafa, my husband safely survived three serious traffic accidents in 2003. One of the accidents involved a rear end collision. He was in the back seat and the trunk of his car was pushed into the front. Incredibly, my husband was not hurt at all. He was also not hurt in the other two accidents, either. After those accidents, I advised him to say "Falun Dafa is good" whenever he got into the car. He has not had an accident since 2003.

My aunt was sent to the hospital for acute pancreatitis in November 2007. She suffered severe insomnia from this painful disease. I called and advised her to recite "Falun Dafa is good." She told me the next day that she fell asleep after saying it three times. She has sincerely recited this sentence since then. She was discharged from the hospital two weeks later and she regained her health in one month. She went back to work in two months, which was much earlier than the estimated recovery period of six months. Her daughter was also fortunate to have her baby delivered safely within an hour. She kept reciting "Falun Dafa is good" in the delivery room, as I advised her.

My brother-in-law died of lung cancer in 2004 after five years of suffering. My younger sister's had health deteriorated as a result of caring for her ill husband for so long. I taught her the exercises in 2007 when I went back to our hometown. Her health improved only one week after she started practicing. She regained her health very soon.

Looking back at 14 years of my cultivation path, I deeply feel that Dafa has brought us wonderful things. Dafa disciples exhibit a heightened sense of morality, a harmonious family life, and a comfortable financial status. Dafa disciples are decent and respectable members of society because they practice cultivation in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We are blessed because of Dafa. We have shown the world the goodness of Dafa through our good character.