(Clearwisdom.net) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than two years. My family lives on the second floor while a young couple lives below us. I try to walk as quietly as possible at night to avoid disturbing them.

Last year, my husband's father, sister and her three-year-old daughter visited us for a couple of days. My sister-in-law's daughter was jumping around late at night. I was worried that it would disturb our neighbor, so I said to my father-in-law that our neighbors downstairs have a young child and it would not be good to disturb them. He replied: "It should be fine. We are here for only a couple of days." I was unhappy to hear his reply and said: "You don't want to teach the child to be considerate of others?" As I said this, a thought appeared in my mind, "A practitioner needs to look inward in a conflict." I was disappointed with myself for failing to look inward before making a statement. Furthermore, it was disrespectful of me to say what I did to an elder in our family.

While I was still blaming myself, my husband surprised me by taking my side. This made his father unhappy and he stopped the child from jumping. My husband would usually side with his father or didn't say anything when his father was wrong. This time he supported me while I was looking within myself.

I learned from this event that when we say something, we should say it with compassion and be calm. Furthermore, when there is a conflict, we need to look within to correct ourselves first. Then, our environment will change accordingly.