I began Falun Dafa cultivation over eleven years ago, before the persecution began. Since then I have been in the state of gradual enlightenment, and am able to see scenes in other dimensions. I seldom share what I see with others, but sometimes I reveal a bit to other practitioners to encourage them to be diligent. Several others, including some young practitioners in our area, are also in the state of gradual enlightenment.

In May 2001, Master Li first asked practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. Thus, several of us who are in the state of gradual enlightenment often get together to send forth righteous thoughts. We frequently help practitioners in other cities eliminate evil persecution in the form of sickness karma imposed by the old forces. Our assistance has enabled some practitioners to resume a normal cultivation state. There have been many instances of this.

Through many years of sending righteous thoughts to help practitioners eliminate evil, I found that the evil basically adopts two primary ways of persecuting Dafa practitioners’ physical bodies. I have noticed in the past years that for the practitioners who passed away early, the old forces had pressed into and fully packed practitioners’ own dimensions with evil and rotten spirits. Looking at it from other dimensions, the practitioners entire bodies were black. It may be that practitioners had a loophole in some respect, or they had a pledge with the old forces, but we should follow Master’s arrangements, completely negate all that of the old forces, including the old forces themselves and everything they have arranged.

We have noticed that many practitioners haven't paid attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. Many ignore doing it at the four fixed times every day, which as I understand it, has resulted in interference with their bodies, families, living environments and other things. We told all practitioners we could contact that they should send forth more righteous thoughts, and negate the old forces’ evil arrangements and so-called tests. The ones we contacted changed their cultivation states and cultivation environments by sending forth righteous thoughts. We are worried for the practitioners around the world who do not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, thus I wrote this article.


Several practitioners in our area who are in the state of gradual enlightenment send forth righteous thoughts together every day.

Over the past decade we have seen many big battles between good and evil in other dimensions. We have seen that there is a new situation every few days. Cooperation amongst practitioners as one body is very important. All practitioners have eliminated large quantities of behind-the-scenes rotten spirits, specters, evil elements, disk-shaped evil beings, beings with celestial bodies and those without form, as well as the so-called last, highest and biggest evil elements.

We hope that practitioners whose celestial eyes are open and who are in the state of gradual enlightenment use the abilities that Master has bestowed upon us, and the wisdom that Dafa has opened up for us, to validate the Fa and eliminate the evil.

We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. Why do we cultivate with the aid of supernatural abilities? Is it a coincidence?

As I see it, we have a mission: Master requires every one of us to do the three things well. Then for us practitioners whose celestial eyes are open and have supernatural abilities, besides doing the three things well, we are able to play a substantial role in sending forth righteous thoughts, which might be the mission and responsibility of the practitioners who are in the state of gradual enlightenment. However, we should not use our supernatural abilities for unsuitable purposes. Master has told us about this in his lectures, and we should remind each other.

Recently, several of us in the state of gradual enlightenment saw that the evil beings that have form are very few and have been disintegrated and annihilated in large quantities. But there are still some formless evil beings that remain invisible and transparent.

Some look like dark smoke, black gas and black water; some are like clouds, fog, and haze, but they can quickly take shape and disperse to become objects. They can turn into evil and rotten spirits with forms that are even more malicious to interfere with and persecute Dafa practitioners. They sometimes remain invisible and hide in the other-dimensional bodies of Dafa practitioners that have yet to cultivate well, or hide in practitioners’ own dimensions and the spaces that practitioners are responsible for. They usually remain formless and invisible, and generally we cannot see them.

When we send forth righteous thoughts together, evil beings are unable to stay in those dimensions and spaces. They turn into tangible objects; some very large, some in cloud-like clusters; some were like small umbrellas and a variety of disk-like bodies, taking the shape of a discus with an axis in the middle; some are in a variety of elements shaped like balls, some in the form of dust and particles.    

After we nailed them there with our divine powers, we learned while interrogating them that they are some of the final evil elements that persecute Dafa practitioners. They are jealous of Dafa practitioners’ rapid progress in cultivation and do things according to their concepts and the old principles. They interfere with and restrain Dafa practitioners from fully displaying their abilities and wisdom. Some of them interfere with practitioners’ Fa study; some interfere with practitioners’ transformation toward high-energy matters, and interfere with practitioners’ sharing and interactions, with the exercises, and with practitioners’ display of supernatural capabilities. Some manipulate the evil Party, and some control non-practitioners, and so on. There are “specialized old forces” in charge of each task with very delicate arrangements. Each kind of the old forces does one kind of thing.

When I send forth righteous thoughts, I target a specific type of being and thus they have nowhere to hide, and the effect in eliminating them is very good. Where there is some form of interference or persecution, I disintegrate and eliminate a particular kind of old force.

The old forces adopt two primary methods to interfere with and persecute Dafa practitioners, and they have a different way of interference and persecution for each practitioner.

The first is to persecute Dafa practitioners on the surface of the human world. They gather evil beings, rotten spirits and specters into practitioners’ dimensions, collaborating between those outside and inside, to control police and special agents to arrest practitioners and ransack their homes.

The second is to take advantage of the parts in Dafa practitioners’ bodies that used to have sickness karma, set up demon’s dens in other dimensions, and make some formless and invisible evil beings do bad deeds in the deeper and hidden dimensions, and continuously transport evil from outside to the parts where practitioners have sickness karma through pipelines both with form and without form, aggravating the sickness karma on the surface body. Facing this situation, some practitioners mistake it as the relapse of their old illnesses, their willpower weakens, and their righteous thoughts diminish. This has resulted in some practitioners being persecuted to death through the form of sickness karma.                                                                                                   

When Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions, the evil gathers together a large number of evil beings to replenish and support their minions. Therefore, when we send forth righteous thoughts to help practitioners who are in the state of sickness karma, we must eliminate the supporting evils from Beijing - the evil beings' nest.

There is one practitioner who suffered from heart problems - palpitation and tightness in the chest, prior to her cultivation. Recently this state resurfaced, and she had difficulty living a normal life and practicing the exercises. Several of us practitioners in the state of gradual enlightenment gathered together to help her by sending forth righteous thoughts. By adopting the method of luring the snake from its hole, we used an incense burner and a baoding (a type of sacred vessel often found in temples) to absorb evil and rotten spirits from that fellow practitioner’s dimensions into the Fa implements. The evil has arranged and hidden a large number of evil beings in the dimensions of practitioners that have yet to cultivate well. When we are close to cleaning up the dimensions, all kinds of evil and rotten spirits, communist specters, toads and other factors gathered together above Beijing - the nest of evil in other dimensions - and they rushed toward us to replenish themselves.

Therefore, while all Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts, we must attach importance to eliminating all evil and evil elements in all dimensions in Beijing - the nest that is the intersection of all dimensions of different levels. It is the main channel; the nest of evil from all dimensions. The evil beings came down from above and first arrived in Beijing. They then dispersed into different places around the world. Sometimes it was like a pipeline spreading everywhere; sometimes the earth itself is full of evil and rotten spirits, directed by a chief evil being that dwells inside the earth’s core with them. We have seen this situation since we began to send forth righteous thoughts in 2001.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, we often use incense burners, baoding, the thunder of the gods, and nets of Fa that are mentioned in Hong Yin to eliminate the evil. We often use different types of Fa-implements. When we find evil in a small area, we sometimes cut through them with knives and swords, and then absorb them with other Fa implements. If we find evil in a large area, we might explode them with thunder of Dafa and various exploding Fa implements. This has worked well in the past, with the disintegration of different dimensions at different levels as the result.

After having helped the practitioner whose heart problems resurfaced by sending forth righteous thoughts several times and eliminating the supporting evil from the nest in Beijing, the practitioner recovered to a normal state.

In the process of sending forth righteous thoughts, we nailed the evil beings hidden in the practitioner’s dimension in place. While interrogating them, the evil said to the practitioner who was being persecuted, “Why don't you keep your promise? We should put you to death.” The practitioner said, “I am a Dafa practitioner. My Master has the final say for everything. I follow my Master’s arrangements, and I will completely negate the old forces and won’t acknowledge any evil arrangements.” The evil had nothing to say in reply. We then successfully eliminated the evil inside and outside the practitioner’s dimensions. The practitioner’s symptoms disappeared and she completely recovered.

We often helped send forth righteous thoughts for practitioners who had sickness karma and who were subjected to persecution. We found that the persecuted practitioners in many areas had not sent forth righteous thoughts sufficiently, and we observed many evil and rotten spirits deposited in their own dimensions. Because Dafa practitioners around the world have eliminated batch after batch of evil beings, their appearance at every stage is different. While other practitioners have cleaned away the evil that they were responsible to eliminate, the evil in some practitioners' dimensions and scope in the Three Realms that they are responsible for has not yet been cleaned up. Evil accumulates there batch after batch, resulting in more persecution.

The above presents our understanding of the state and circumstances that we have seen in other dimensions at our current levels. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. We hope that others who are in the state of gradual enlightenment and whose celestial eyes are open will write articles to share their experiences eliminating evil, so that we can improve together.