First Story

In July 1999, the CCP began its evil persecution of Falun Dafa. Due to harassment from the police, as well as the lies being spread in the relentless propaganda, and the pressure exerted by the various departments of the CCP, all our relatives were afraid.

In the second half of 2002, my wife hid all my Falun Dafa books. She cried and knelt down in front of me and begged me to stop my cultivation. She requested me to do other exercises that she thought were good for health. At this point in time, many thoughts were running through my mind and I was uncertain what to do. In the end I promised her to stop my cultivation, and thus I made the wrong choice. Six months after I stopped cultivation, my high blood pressure and heart disease returned and the medication I was taking was not effective. In 2003, I was hospitalized four times yet my medical condition remained serious. My wife asked someone to foretell my future for me, but the fortune teller said that I no longer had any future.

One night I had a dream. In the dream I was standing in the fields beside a pond back in my village. Suddenly the mountains in front of me collapsed and the river was obstructed. Rocks rolled to my feet. I was so shocked that I was about to turn and head towards the direction of the town. The moment I turned, the hills behind me also collapsed.

By this time I was so frightened that I broke out in cold sweat. Just remembering this scene brought fear to me even a few days later. Even now when I recall those days I'm filled with extreme fear. I understood and told my wife, "Master Li is hinting me to resume practicing Falun Dafa. If not, I have no other path to follow." My wife said, "I support you in your cultivation of Falun Dafa. But please pay attention to your safety." She quickly returned the dozens of Falun Gong books and tapes. I also went out to seek a few other practitioners in the city to ask for new articles and truth clarifying materials. The coordinator of the Fa study group came to my house with the materials and took me with him to join the Fa study group.

After resuming my cultivation for a period of time, my health gradually improved. My symptoms of hypertension and heart disease gradually disappeared. Master gave me a new lease on life.

One night, I was half awake and I seemed to see a tree growing from the side of my bed. The crown of the tree was angular and it was growing taller and taller. Master was standing on the side of the tree and was smiling at me. He did not say anything but He disappeared after two minutes. I understood that Master was encouraging me to persist in my cultivation.

Second Story

After the persecution started in 1999, I stopped studying the Fa for three years. Thus three years of my life was wasted. My illnesses returned. I became muddle-headed and felt I would have been better off dead. The harmony in my family was also affected and there were many conflicts in my family.

Compassionate Master did not foresake me. He enlightened me once again and I was like a lost child who returned to the side of his mother. I felt that I have caused Master much worry, and thinking of the hardships I brought Master fills my eyes with tears. Master once again saved me from the sea of hardship.

I resumed my cultivation. I let go of my selfishness and became focused on saving sentient beings. In the winter of 2004, I went with another practitioner to a place about fifty to sixty kilometers away to make truth clarifying materials. When it was dark, I would think in my heart, "Dafa has given me everything. The sacrifices I make are minor. As long as sentient beings can be saved, they are worth it." Although I had blisters on my feet, I did not slow my steps. I knew that I was doing the most righteous thing in the cosmos. As we were returning, a car drove towards us and suddenly stopped. The driver asked if we would like a ride. At that time a warmth flowed through our hearts and we were deeply grateful for Master's compassionate arrangements.

One time when I went shopping, I saw a hundred yuan banknote on the ground. For one second, the attachment of greed flashed through my mind but I immediately became alert. I am a Falun Gong practitioner and this did not belong to me. Even if it was given to me I could not take it. Thus I picked up the money and walked towards the shopkeeper and asked, "Who dropped this money?" The shopkeeper took the money and at that moment the person who lost the money came back to claim it. The shopkeeper said it was this Falun Gong practitioner who returned the money. I said, "Our Master told us that we cannot take advantage of others". I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to them and they were delighted. I've had similar experiences many times. My husband understood the principle of no loss, no gain under my influence. One time my husband and I went to purchase corn seeds to plant. The shopkeeper gave me too much change. My husband told me to return the money to the shopkeeper. I was very happy to hear that. My husband's health got better and better. I know that he has been blessed because he supports Dafa.

Although I still have not done enough to assist Master in saving sentient beings, Master has given me limitless things. I hope that many more people will be saved by the compassionate salvation of Dafa!