(Clearwisdom.net) Eighteen years have passed since Falun Gong was introduced in China. Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is spreading all over the world along with countless miracles. There are one hundred million practitioners worldwide. Let us take a look at some of these witnesses of miracles 18 years ago that Master mentioned in his lectures. Where are they now and what are their stories?

May 13, 2010, the 11th World Falun Dafa Day and the 18th anniversary of Master Li spreading Falun Dafa, was our Teacher's 59th birthday. The Clearwisdom website had a special section for commemorating World Falun Dafa Day. Three articles in this section were written by witnesses of three miracles that Master mentioned in his lectures. Whoever has listened to Master's nine-day lecture recording must know about these miracles.

1. "Who Patted Me?"--A Metal Pipe Falls on an Elderly Woman's Head

Master mentions in Zhuan Falun a person who was fine after a metal pipe fell on her head. She is 81 years old, one of the students of Master's first class in Changchun. She said in her article:

"Master began spreading Falun Gong in the spring of 1992. He wore a gray sweater, and his clothes were clean and neat, though fairly old. His daughter Meige was with him, and Master always brought lunch in a lunch box. Master endured lots of hardships."

"One of Master's early students was a teacher employed by the Changchun City Fifth High School. He borrowed a classroom, and Master held his first class there. The tickets were only ten yuan each."

She described the miracle that happened to her: "My home was near a construction site. One day when I passed there, a metal pipe suddenly dropped from up high onto my head. It hit my head, then stuck into the ground next to me, standing straight up. My head had a small depression, but no bleeding or pain. I said, "Who patted me?" When I turned around, I saw a white Falun turning and ascending upwards! I thought, 'This practice is so wonderful. I truly believe!'"

At the end of her article, she said, "I am very strong, waiting for Master's return. I want to be a witness for Master; all I said is true. I am living evidence."

2. An Amazing Near Miss

Another miracle mentioned in Zhuan Falun is a practitioner that was approached by two vehicles on both sides, but was not hit by them. He was Master's colleague when Master was working, and he was the student of Master's second class in Changchun. He stated:

"I had an injury due to a work-related accident, and as a result I had chronic pain in one of my arms. A colleague of mine told me that Master was really good, that he knew qigong, and could treat illness, so he took me to see Master. In the office, Master used his hands to sweep back and forth over my arm a few times. I did not feel much of anything, but the pain eased. That was my first encounter with Master. I discovered that Master knew qigong and could send out gong."

He recorded his personal encounter of the miracle to verify what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun.

"Master said in Zhuan Falun:

'The last time we held a class at Jilin University, a practitioner pushed his bike as he was going through the main entrance of Jilin University. As soon as he walked into the middle of the road, all of a sudden two cars sandwiched him. The cars almost hit him, but he was not scared at all. Normally, we are not frightened at all upon running into these things. At that very second, the cars stopped and nothing happened.'"

"That was me in that story. It was Class Seven in Changchun in May 1994, the daytime class. After the class ended, I was the last one to leave Mingfang Palace. I was at the front gate of Jilin University and saw Master standing at the gate. I was pushing my bicycle in the middle of crossing the Jiefang Avenue fast car lane when two cars coming from the west and the east sandwiched me in the middle. They almost hit me, but they both stopped suddenly. I was not scared and walked to the slow car lane and looked behind me. Master was standing on the east side of the crosswalk, and he was still looking at me. At the time, I did not understand the situation until after reading the newly published Zhuan Falun in 1995. That incident was intended to take my life away, but Master protected me and I repaid a life debt, too."

This practitioner recounted another miracle:

"On August 9, 1992, on a Sunday, Master gave a lecture at the Changkong Club and treated illnesses for free. Family and friends and everyone could go, and my whole family went. That day, right after Master arrived, he asked a sick woman on a gurney to be carried onto the stage. He did not do much of anything, but he told her to sit up and then stand up and then walk in a circle. She ran a few circles on stage, and in just a few minutes a person who was bedridden was healed. The audience was very excited! At the time my daughter's celestial eye was open, and she saw Master sitting on the stage and in the audience a large Buddha was facing Master. She said there were more giant Buddhas outside, and they were taller than the building."

3. Master Protected Me from Injury When I Was Hit by a Falling Concrete Utility Pole

In the Nine Day Lectures, Master tells the story of a woman who was unharmed when a concrete utility pole fell on her. She attended four Falun Gong classes in Changchun. After in the third class, she encountered this miracle:

"My husband and I planned to install a steel security door on that day. We went to my sister's home to get the door. He drove a man-powered tricycle and I sat on the tricycle. On our way back home, we had to go down a long hill. There was a big trailer filled with small stones running in front of us. My husband was peddling the tricycle. I was sitting on the door and silently reciting "The Buddha Fa is boundless; Falun rotates at all times" that I had just learned in class. When I recited for the fourth time (I used my fingers to count the number of times), "The Buddha Fa is boundless", I heard a "Bang!", and felt something very heavy fall on my body. I was knocked down instantly on the security door with my side against the door, but I could still move my head. I looked around and saw that a light bulb as big as a soup pot had shattered in front of my eyes. When I looked again, I realized that a concrete light pole that had been knocked down by the big trailer had landed on me. My husband was so scared that his face turned pale, thinking that I surely must have been killed. Realizing that he was so scared that he couldn't move, I shouted, 'Hurry up! Find more people to pull me out!' When I called out, he knew that I was still alive and hurried to ask help from others.

Eight or nine young men from the trailer that had hit the pole came to help my husband. However, they couldn't lift the pole. Another several people who were just walking by joined in. With great effort they managed to move the pole away. I then stood up. My clothes were dirty. Though I was heavily hit, I did not feel any pain, nor did I have scratch or bleed anywhere."

When we returned home, we found that the shape of my body was imprinted on the steel security door. It is because I practice Falun Dafa that Master looked after me and saved my life."

She added, "More amazingly, the incident happened at around 2:00 p.m. on that day in Changchun City. Local practitioners who attended Master's lectures in Guangzhou came back and shared that during the class on that day, Master gave an example about a practitioner who was knocked down by a power pole onto a security door. As I listened further, I found that the time that Master gave that example was around 6:00 p.m. on the same day, and that the details were exactly the same as what I had experienced. I had not mentioned this to anyone, but Master knew it at once."

These witnesses of eighteen years ago, stepped forward to validate these miracles during the spread Falun Dafa. These were three cases, while countless miracles have happened and continue to spread despite the brutal persecution of practitioners in China. Whether one believes or not, the truth is powerful and everlasting and will remain for all to see once the darkness is dispersed.