(Clearwisdom.net) In October 1997, my husband borrowed a book from one of his friends. As soon as I picked it up and began to read it, I was immediately moved by it. I stayed up late to read this precious book, Zhuan Falun, and believed that everything written in it was true. I knew that I must learn such a good practice!

Believing in Master and Dafa, My Body is Purified

When I was determined to cultivate, Master started to purify my body. Every part of my body ached as though I had a heavy cold. I was coughing all the time and my abdomen ached so much that I wasn't able to stand up straight. I also had a sore throat which started to bleed. I persisted in studying the Fa. Later on, I felt well and my illnesses went away. If I had not studied the Fa and used it as my guide, I don't know how I would have been able to bear it. Before obtaining the Fa, I had no capacity for forbearance. As soon as I got sick, I would take medicine. However, through cultivation, my chronic gastritis and constriction both disappeared.

In the past, I had cavities in my teeth, which often became infected. After cultivating in Dafa, I understood that there were karmic reasons for people becoming ill and that Dafa would correct everything as long as I followed the righteous path. One day, my teeth were extremely painful and as soon as I got up, I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. The next day they no longer hurt. After a while, I discovered that the cavities had disappeared.

One day while I was at work, a one-inch-long screw cap flew into my left eye and became lodged there. I took it out, but my eye was bleeding. As I was falling asleep another night, the eye ached so much that it felt like it might come out. I sent righteous thought to eliminate any interference from an old force arrangement and asked Master for help. Three days later, the bleeding stopped and my eye was fully recovered. I enlightened to the fact that if this situation was something bad, and if it could not be beneficently resolved, then it should be eliminated. I knew that Master had eliminated karma for me.

Cultivate Xinxing and Assimilate to Dafa

My husband and I both cultivate in Falun Dafa, as does my mother-in-law and my mom. My daughter and son know the facts about Dafa and are supportive. Over the past thirteen years, our whole family has contributed in validating the Fa.

I have four brothers. Before cultivation, we had many conflicts when it came to taking care of our elderly relatives. After we began cultivation, we followed Dafa's principles and all the conflicts were resolved. We remember Master's teaching,

"Now, you know that in our discipline we don't avoid the ordinary world when we cultivate, and we don't shy away from or try to escape from conflicts. Right in the thick of this complicated ordinary people's environment you're clearheaded, you get shortchanged while you know full well what's happening, and when other folks compromise your best interests you don't fight tooth and nail like they do, and you're taken advantage of while all kinds of things try to drag your character down. In a grueling environment like this you temper your will, you improve your character, and here, with all kinds of bad thoughts from ordinary people preying on you, you manage to come out of it detached. " (Zhuan Falun, The Eighth Talk)

Our entire family of thirty people have all quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

People Receive Blessings After Learning the Truth

One day when I went to buy some vegetables, I realized that the vendor accidentally gave us extra change back. When I handed the money back to him, he suddenly realized that he had given many people the wrong amount. He apparently lost several hundred yuan due to the error. In the end, he managed to get it back, and he came over specifically to thank me. We told him about the beauty of Dafa and how we are taught to be good people. Then we suggested to him that he quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He happily agreed.

We have distributed truth-clarification materials at the market and the people who receive them naturally talk about it. The atmosphere in the market is righteous and our truth-clarification efforts have gone very well. The market vendors all know about the CCP's lies and the wrongful persecution. Once, when I was buying some vegetables, there was a crowd of people, and the vendor said that I hadn't paid him yet, even though I had. I smiled and said that there were some words about quitting the CCP written on the cash I gave him. The young man looked at the money and apologized to me. He then read what was on it and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Whenever facing a conflict, I always remember to think, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner." I remain very peaceful, calm, and not afraid. When people who haven't yet seen money with messages on it ask me why the money I have given them has something written on it, I tell them that I am a Falun Gong practitioner and that in order to help people know the truth about the persecution, I write on it. I add, "Just take it, remember the words, and it will help you."

A driver told me that once he saw a practitioner placing some Falun Gong truth-clarification materials into his truck. He wanted to go up to him and give him ten yuan to help with the cost of the materials, yet he was afraid that he would scare the practitioner. "I know you are doing a righteous thing and saving people from tribulations. I just want to contribute my bit for it, because my whole family has benefited from Dafa. Since that year when you told me the truth, I have been trying to be a better person according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and never lie. For instance, Xi'an City was also affected by the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan. My son was in Xi'an attending college, and during the earthquake the students were thrown around while they were on the second floor. To save himself from being crushed by the collapsing building, my son jumped from the window but was only slightly injured. My wife was so happy and she said that our son's life was spared all thanks to our knowing the truth. Once we understood how the CCP misleads people, we prevented our son from joining the CCP. We know that it was Master that saved our son."

There is an older man who is very well-known in the political arena and among Buddhists. After he learned the truth about the CCP's lies and how it is covering up the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, during a Buddhist conference, he publicly told the attendees the facts about Dafa. His son and daughter-in-law obtained the Fa in 2004.

Now many people around us have become open-minded whenever they have some conflicts. They told me that many conflicts were resolved when they remembered to think of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Also, when these non-practitioners see a practitioner doing something inappropriate, they'll remind him or her to do things as a practitioner. This also helps us improve. They think very highly of practitioners.

Fellow practitioners, let's cultivate together diligently and validate Dafa. Sentient beings are watching us and waiting to being saved. Let's assimilate to Dafa and step into the new universe!