(Clearwisdom.net) During our cultivation journey, every practitioner has been well taken care of and guided by Master. Master may help us enlighten through hints in a dream, words from others, or certain phenomena. From the experiences of practitioners around me and those shared in articles on Minghui website, many practitioners have been enlightened through hints given by Master during dreams. This, of course, is very good. On the other hand, not all things that appear in dreams are hints from Master. Sometimes, vicious beings intentionally interfere by taking advantage of our loopholes.

One day, I dreamed I was walking on a major road. When I was passing a village, however, a big wolfhound jumped from behind, bit my left shoulder, and did not leave. I felt great pain, as if it bit through my shoulder. I called Master aloud for help. The wolfhound yelped out of despair and fell down to the ground. After waking up, I wondered: did this mean some I would be persecuted in some way? Then I intensively sent forth righteous thoughts on the following two days, and nothing happened.

There was one story in an experience-sharing article on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). A practitioner planned to visit his hometown to distribute truth-clarification materials. On the night prior to his departure, he had a dream in which the police came and stole two large bags of materials and then arrested him. After waking up, the practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the vicious arrangements and threat. He went to his hometown as planned to distribute materials, and then he returned safely.

Therefore, when encountering bad dreams, we do not need to worry too much other than looking within and rectifying ourselves in time. We also need to firmly send forth righteous thoughts to completely oppose and eliminate any bad things in the dream. Whether we practice well or not is not their concern, since these vicious beings are not qualified to test us. We are taken care of by Master. When we are determined to clear out these things, the interference will be eliminated, since Dafa can disintegrate all vicious beings.

From another angle, if we are disturbed by a dream--regardless of whether the dream is good or bad, doesn't in mean that our main consciousness is not strong? That will easily cause interference from other dimensions.

Master said,

"Being attached to dreamtime hints is not cultivation, but rather, going dangerously off course. Disciples of Dafa cultivate by following the book of Dafa, and they take the Fa as their standard. Whether you're off in dreamland or in whatever setting it may be, you have to use the Fa as your standard for measuring right and wrong, and only then will you not fall prey to interference. I have never given you some kind of cultivation method whereby you don't have to cultivate but instead just do whatever my law bodies tell you. I don't recognize that as cultivation. It's not possible for each and every student to be by my side, and I have thus taught you to 'take the Fa as Master.' Having the book of Fa, you should know how to cultivate." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

We need to regard the Fa as Teacher under any circumstances. Only in this way can we walk the cultivation path well.

June 11, 2010