(Clearwisdom.net) April 10, 2010 is the 4th anniversary of the death of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Jianguo, who passed away under persecution. During the last four years, I often recall the days when we validated the Fa together. Every time I have problems printing truth-clarification materials, I remember him.

Mr. Wang Jianguo

I began practicing Falun Dafa in May 1998. In February 2003, an older practitioner told me that the reason we didn't have enough truth-clarification materials was because buy a copier was too expensive. This practitioner only received a dozen copies each week. She often went to another practitioner's place to copy the truth-clarification materials. But later when that person moved, she couldn't find him again.

So I asked her what kind of copier we should buy, and I bought one the next day. We then supplied these materials to three places in our city and 1000 copies to the neighboring county every week.

Then other practitioners introduced a technology-savvy practitioner to me. He told me that we could connect the computers to a laser printer, which was faster and the quality was better. The next day, with this practitioner's help, I bought a computer and a laser printer. When the practitioner in charge of materials production came to install the computer programs for me, he brought another practitioner who always smiled when he talked. This other practitioner was Mr. Wang Jianguo.

After we got more advanced equipment, the amount of truth-clarification materials produced was increased. I was in charge of Minghui Weekly for six places, other truth-clarification materials, and our local news. With the increased amount of materials being produced, the machines had a lot of wear and tear. I always called other practitioners when I had problems with my computer and printer. At that time, there weren't many people who knew how to repair printers and Wang Jianguo was the only person I knew.

When Mr. Wang repaired the equipment, he was really patient. Whenever I called him, he always came at his earliest opportunity. And he treated people around him with a compassionate heart.

Once the laser printer needed a replacement for an accessory. There was an old machine, and in order to get the accessory from the old machine, Mr. Wang didn't get to eat anything, and he took a bus to get the old machine. It was already five in the afternoon. When he got back, it was almost nine. He still didn't eat anything, and he took apart the old machine very quickly. By the time he repaired the laser printer, it was already past 10:00 p.m.

Once, when I was repairing the cartridge, I accidentally spilled the toner all over him. However, he didn't blame me. I often did things very hastily. Every time the computer or printer had any problem, I became very worried. Mr. Wang would comfort me, "Don't worry. Worrying doesn't help at all. This is an attachment you need to remove." Thus, while we were doing things, we often talked to each other about our experiences in cultivation.

Wang Jianguo disciplined himself according to this requirement of Dafa: "He is full of great aspirations while minding minor details." ("Sage" from Essentials for Further Advancement) Sometimes when he went to practitioners' houses to teach them some techniques or to help them repair their machines, he would stay until lunch time or dinner time. However, he always left after he finished his work, and he didn't inconvenience other practitioners.

Once after he repaired the printer for me, it was already lunch time. I was about to cook lunch for him, but he said he wasn't going to eat anything. Later he went out to buy an accessory and by the time he came back, I had already prepared some lunch. However, after he repaired the printer, he left immediately and wouldn't stay.

On March 2, 2006, when Mr. Wang was working in his own fast food shop, police officer Tan Xinqiang and other people from the Chuanying District Nanjing Police Station abducted him and his wife. His wife, Ms. Zhao Qiumei, was sentenced to one year of forced labor. Mr. Wang was tortured at the police station and then transferred to the Jilin Detention Center. He didn't cooperate with the police and started a hunger strike, but later he was forced to eat. On April 10 he passed away from the torture in the detention center, at the age of 30.

As we developed more and more materials production sites, the repair work for Mr. Wang Jianguo also increased. He didn't have time to go to each site, so practitioners sent all the computers, printers, and other machines to his fast food shop. He became very busy with all that work and didn't have much time to study the Fa, so perhaps the evil took advantage of this loophole and persecuted him.

Today, while we are mourning for Mr. Wang Jianguo, I also want to say something to my fellow practitioners who are in charge of the production of truth-clarification materials: let's overcome the attachment of relying on other people, let's study the Fa well, do the exercises well, and send forth righteous thoughts on time. If we have problems with our machines, we should look inward first to see if we have any xinxing problems. We should cultivate our xinxing first and then repair the machine. We should gain more technical knowledge and try to solve the problems ourselves. By doing this, we could save more time for our technology-savvy practitioners to study the Fa.