(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Bin, 31, passed away as a result of the persecution by the police. Police officers from the cities of Anyang and Hebi, including Wei, Wang, Song, Liu Wei, and Chen Hewen, broke into Mr. Wang's home at around noon on May 20, 2010, ransacked his home and illegally arrested him. They also confiscated several computers, DVD, MP4 and MP5 players, Falun Gong books, cell phones, and other items, and recorded phone numbers of Mr. Wang's contacts.

Mr. Wang fell from the fourth floor at 4 p.m. on May 20 while in police custody. The fall left him unconscious, with serious injuries to the head, lungs, kidney, ribs, and legs. He passed away at 8 a.m. on May 21.

Mr. Wang's body is being kept in the Hebi No.1 Hospital. Anyang City sent a group of officers and transferred a large group of plainclothes policemen to guard his body. The officials performed an autopsy on May 25.

The police officers also interrogated all of Mr. Wang's family members and other individuals that went to his house or the mortuary to pay their respects.

This was Mr. Wang's fourth arrest since the start of the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese communist regime in 1999.

On the evening of July 8, 2008, Mr. Wang was arrested in Zhengzhou City and held at the Guancheng District Detention Center for 15 days. He was then sentenced to one year of forced labor at the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City. He was released from the labor camp in October 2009.

Parties responsible for the persecution:
Police officers Wei (female), Wang (female), Song, Liu and Chen
Hebi Police Department: 86-392-3392114

Anyang Police Department: 86-372-5118114

Domestic Security Division: 86-372-5118041, 86-372-5118177
Liu Weihua, head of Domestic Security Division: 86-392-3392212

Ma, division head: 86-13903920433
Hebi 610 Office: 86-392-3327036, 86-392-3324360, 86-392-3324095
Shi Xinmin, Hebi 610 Office head: 86-392-3316006 (work), 86-392-3336260 (home), 86-13903920023 (cell)
Liu Wei: 86-13903729099
Anyang 610 Office: 86-372-2550213
Liu Yuesheng, director, Anyang 610 Office: 86-372-2550226 (work), 86-372-5162656 (home), 86-13803729596 (cell)