(Clearwisdom.net) As part of its 2010 World Tour, Shen Yun Performing Arts staged two exhilarating shows at The Providence Performing Arts Center, in Providence, Rhode Island on June 26-27, 2010. 

Governor Donald Carcieri issued an official greeting to the Shen Yun Company "on the occasion of their appearance in Providence, Rhode Island, as part of their 2010 World Tour." 

Providence Mayor David Cicilline sent a warm letter of welcome to Shen Yun Performing Arts and the hosting organization, the Falun Dafa Association of New England, in which he wrote: "Word of this delightful world-class show has been spreading throughout our community. This outstanding display of classical Chinese dance and music is sure to captivate audiences of all ages, as well as inform them of important events in recent Chinese history."

Members of the U.S. Congress from Rhode Island also welcomed Shen Yun to the state.

Sen. Jack Reed expressed his greetings in a letter, saying: "This extraordinary show enjoyed seven full-houses at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and is now here in our capital city of Providence. ...

"This performance has stemmed from 5,000 years of classical Chinese dance and culture, along with artistic creation, and modern refinement that give this unique art form its own essence and spirit. Rhode Islanders are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness this unique cultural experience during this 2010 World Tour."

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sent his greetings in a welcome letter to the Falun Dafa Association of New England, wishing all involved with the production "the very best."

Rep. James Langevin issued a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition to the Falun Dafa Association "in celebration of the opening of the Shen Yun performance."

Upholding Freedom of Expression , Breaking Through Oppression

On behalf of the Providence City Council, Council President Peter Mancini, wrote a welcome letter stating that "the City Council is thrilled that Providence is one of more than 100 global destinations to experience the distinctive, enriching cultural identity" that Shen Yun expresses and called their appearance "a momentous occasion for the city of Providence.

"Ethnicities are often defined and distinguished by artistic expressions. Not only do they entertain; they educate and inspire, creating appreciation and respect for different cultures."

Continuing, the Council president said, "Here in Providence, city and state leaders have gone to great lengths to facilitate the livelihood of local artists, and to uphold the freedom of expression that our forebears deemed essential to a free society.

"Sadly, oppressive, unjust barriers in other countries continue to silence and break the human spirit. The Shen Yun production exemplifies the power of resolve to break through these blockades of oppression. The bold determination of this festivity represents the fundamental, universal human right of freedom of expression."

"I Learned a Lot Tonight'" Says Providence Councilwoman

Josephine DiRuzzo (C) with her guests for the evening.

City of Providence Councilwoman, Josephine DiRuzzo, attended the show out of curiosity: she wanted to see how good the Shen Yun dance company was.

"My curiosity got the best of me--I had to come and see this," she said.

It wasn't too far into the show when she realized that there was something truly magnificent about Shen Yun.

"Absolutely magnificent. The colors, the dancing-I'm impressed," she said.

"The stories that they tell about their culture, it's just magnificent. I'm glad I came."

Being a lover and proponent of the arts, Ms. DiRuzzo, tries to encourage others to also discover the beauty of the arts.

"I love the arts, and I attend as many shows that I can here at The Providence Performing Arts Center," she explained.

"If I compare ... this performing arts company with other performing arts companies that we have here in America, the dancing was magnificent."

Ms. DiRuzzo said that she was so captivated by the different performances that she couldn't take her eyes off the stage for even one minute.

"I loved them all. I am so impressed with the dancers ... beautiful dancers, both the males and the females."

She thought the costumes in the show were also magnificent and the colors were "absolutely outstanding."

Appreciating how the dance sets portrayed China's past and present, especially the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in contemporary China, Ms. DiRuzzo said, "It taught me. I learned a lot tonight.

"I'm glad that they came to Providence and I hope everyone has an opportunity to see this show."

Graphic Artist: "I Never Realized There Was Dancing Like This!"

Mr. Francis saw information about Shen Yun Performing Arts and decided to take his wife for her birthday.

Charlie Francis, a retired graphic artist, surprised his wife, Gigi, with a very special birthday present: a ticket to Shen Yun's opening show at The Providence Performing Arts Center.

He cheerfully explained, "I didn't let her know about it until she came in here. When I read about it, it sounded like something she'd really love."

"And he was right!" his wife said. "I love it! I love it."

Mr. Francis gave his impression of the show, saying, "I think the costumes and the dance, they're just beautiful.

"The way they move their upper bodies--there's hardly any movement--and their feet are just moving really fast. Beautiful, beautiful. ... I never realized there was dancing like this!"

Mrs. Francis agreed, adding, "Everything is beautiful. The dancers are beautiful, the costumes are beautiful, and the singing was fabulous. Everything we saw was beautiful!"

Young Dancer: "I Wanted to Go Up There and Do It Myself!"

The audience enjoying Shen Yun at the Providence Performing Arts Center

Also in the audience were Marie Devlin and her granddaughter, who is a ballet dancer.

Mrs. Devlin recalled looking at the flyer she received in the mail, announcing the arrival of Shen Yun. "Just looking at the pictures made me know that my granddaughter would be interested in coming to see this," she said.

The young dancer thought the show was "inspirational," adding, "I wanted to go up there and do it myself! It was really good."

Mrs. Devlin, who has a fondness for various forms of dance, "anywhere, anytime," said she would definitely recommend the show. "Words can't describe it," she said.

Young Dancer and Mother "Blown Away" by Shen Yun

At the Providence Performing Arts Center, on Saturday June 26.

Gloria Silba attended the show with Adora Lee Silba, a young dancer with the Rhode Island State Ballet.

Gloria excitedly exclaimed that they were "blown away," by the performers, "by what they can do."

Not anticipating that they were going to be watching a musical production, Gloria ran out into the lobby to get a program book during intermission, saying,  "We've got to know the words and what the whole philosophy is."

Gloria said that people who were not familiar with dance, might not recognize the technical difficulty of the Shen Yun dancers' movements. "They made it look so simple, with ease," she said.

Adora turned to Gloria in amazement and asked how the dancers could "turn and look at the floor? because you have to spot," to which Gloria replied, "I don't know, I don't know how they're doing that!"

Gloria hoped that Adora, who is of Chinese decent, would learn more Chinese dance, especially some of the beautiful arm movements and the use of the fans that they saw in Shen Yun. "I'm so glad I was able to come," Gloria said.