(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young practitioner and I like studying the Fa very much. When my mom returned home from the labor camp, her health was so poor that she had to rest after she took ten steps. Until she recovered, she was not able to go out to give out truth-clarification materials. Thus, a lot of materials were left at home. Since I am a practitioner as well, I thought, "Why shouldn't I do this?" So I filled my pockets with materials and went out. At that time, I was was only about five years old.

One by one I went to the nearest villages and after visiting three villages, I did not run into any trouble. I didn't realize that Master was helping me. My mind was so pure and I only knew that I was saving sentient beings. After a while, it was noontime yet I didn't feel hungry. I still had half of the materials left. So I continued passing them out. After all the materials were distributed, I walked for more than an hour back home. After I finished my meal, it was already around four o'clock. Then I began to do my homework. My mom asked me whether I was tired, I said no.

One day, I talked with many students at school about the truth of Dafa. However, I hadn't had a chance to talk with any teachers yet. When I was talking to my teacher, at first she became very upset and said, "I will report you if you continue saying this." Since I didn't know the meaning of "report," I was not scared and kept constantly sending forth righteous thoughts. Gradually, she understood the truth and said, "Thank you. I would like to quit the CCP." From then on, she often asked me for truth-clarification materials. What's more, she kept the materials intact and returned them so I could share them with someone else. I was really happy.

At my young age, I was only able to do these things with Master's help. If your heart is pure, you can do anything.

The above is only my own understanding. Please kindly correct anything wrong in my understanding.