(Clearwisdom.net) After Chinese Communist Party official Xi Jinping and his delegation arrived in Canberra on the afternoon of June 20, 2010, they encountered Falun Gong practitioners at every place they stopped, all the way from the airport to major intersections and main roads on their way to the hotel. Holding banners, Falun Gong practitioners peacefully made known their request - to stop the persecution of Falun Gong and bring Jiang Zemin to justice. Many practitioners from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane joined practitioners in Canberra for the activities, which continued until the afternoon of June 21. The Australian police and the public showed great understanding and support for their protest.

Practitioners set up banners at major intersections around the airport at 2:00 in the afternoon on June 20. The police said they definitely had the right to communicate their plea. Xi arrived at 3:45, then left the airport by the back door. However, a group of practitioners was waiting at that door and he couldn't avoid seeing their protest signs. Xi and his delegation saw practitioners and their banners that read, "Falun Dafa Is Great" and "The CCP Is Doomed" on their way to the Hyatt Hotel.

A large group of practitioners was waiting at the Hyatt by the time Xi arrived. They held banners stating, "Falun Dafa Is Great," "The World Needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," "Bring Jiang, Luo, Zhou and Liu to Justice," "Global Trial of Jiang Zemin," and "The CCP Is Doomed." Falun Gong practitioners cried, "Falun Dafa is great!" "Bring Jiang Zemin to justice!" and "Quit the CCP to be safe!" The large-scale protest might have upset the Chinese Embassy's plan. The Chinese students hired to welcome Xi's delegation didn't even get out of their bus. While the Chinese officials were busy around the hotel, a song caught everyone's attention. The lyrics were, "Precious Chinese people, did you know that the whole world is saying, 'Falun Dafa is good?'" Those in the delegation looked with curiosity in the direction of the music.

The protest around the hotel and candlelight vigil in front of the Chinese Consulate continued until 8:00 in the evening.

Practitioners arrived at the Hyatt Hotel and the Chinese Consulate around 7:00 the next morning. Their banners blanketed the area around the hotel. Passersby honked and gave practitioners thumbs-up to express their support.

With Chinese national flags in hand, the employees of the Chinese Consulate and hired Chinese students tried to lead the way for the delegation. Falun Gong practitioners told a group of Chinese students, "Boys and girls, you have been deceived! Falun Gong is good. The CCP has killed many Falun Gong practitioners. The red flags in your hands represent blood. They are bad for you. Hurry up and quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers." Some students packed up their flags and left. Some tried to hide. Others began to think. Some smiled.

Xi and his delegation chose to leave the hotel through the dumpster alley. The Australian police were very friendly to Falun Gong practitioners throughout the protest. The police kept telling practitioners, "What you are doing is legal and protected by law." When a van attempted to obscure the protest banners, the police moved the van away.