(Clearwisdom.net) My father and my elder sister both had uremia. My father recovered quickly after practicing Falun Dafa, but my sister, who decided to continue taking medicine, passed away before long.

By modern medical standards, uremia is incurable. Doctors today recommend a kidney transplant or dialysis.

Faith in Dafa Saves a Life

My father was diagnosed with uremia on January 6, 2007, and was hospitalized in a big local hotel. He had three dialysis treatments and blood tests. During the third test, his blood pressure dropped to zero. After being resuscitated, he had to live on a small bottle of special medicine everyday, yet his health continued to deteriorate steadily. He was in danger of losing his life at any moment. The hospital was unable to help, and my father was afraid that he would die in there, so I signed a declaration that we would be responsible for anything that happened and had him discharged. The doctor told me, "He'll die as soon as the poison reaches his other organs."

After returning home, Father tried a number of drugs but to no avail. His veins were already very vulnerable and he bled easily. He couldn't live on infusions anymore or take Chinese medicine. He couldn't even eat or drink. After 20 days without urinating or having a bowel movement, he was in extreme pain. Knowing that he would die soon, we began to prepare for his funeral.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I never gave up trying to save my father. From the beginning, I told him to recite, "Falun Dafa is good!" and shared with him many examples of how doing this had been effective. Even though my father had been a low-level Party secretary for many years, he had been persecuted by the Party in many ways and knew how evil it really was. By the age of 50, he had resigned from his position as secretary. Because he still had some remnants of traditional culture in his heart, he deeply believed in cultivation. Seeing how my health improved after I began to cultivate, he decided that he would like to cultivate Dafa before the end of his life. Besides listening to Master's lectures, all he did was recite, "Falun Dafa is good!" Something happened that was truly like, "When a person's Buddha-nature comes out it shakes the Ten-Directional World." (Zhuan Falun). After a week of black excretions, he began to urinate. Every 20 minutes or so, he would urinate and drink water. After two and a half days, his body recovered and was no longer swollen. He began to eat, and, soon after, his health recovered.

It has been more than three years. All the other health problems my father used to have were all healed. Because my father followed us and moved into the city, everyone at home thought that he was dead. Soon, my father's story became legend in the local area.

Not Believing Wholeheartedly, a Life Is Lost

My elder sister worked in the medical profession. Before July 20, 1999, she used to practice Falun Gong for a variety of kidney problems. After her problems were cured, Jiang's regime started the persecution of Falun Gong. Because my sister's husband is the village Party secretary, he did not allow her to practice for fear of being punished. My sister herself was also afraid and gave up the practice.

After being diagnosed with uremia in 2007, she relied on dialysis to keep her alive. She would often say, "I'm not afraid of death, I'm just afraid of pain." I tried to persuade her to start cultivating again, but she would not give up her medical notions and did not believe that her health would ever recover. Even after excreting things from her body a few times, she was still not a wholehearted believer and still wanted to do dialysis. She once took over 100 sleeping pills but failed to commit suicide. When that happened, she blamed it on the drugs. Not wanting to live herself, no one could do anything to help her. After being on dialysis for a while, she finally passed away in early 2008.