(Clearwisdom.net) During the process of clarifying the truth and asking people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I deeply feel that our level of devotion directly affects how effectively we can save sentient beings.

One day as I was riding my bike, I glanced at a person as I passed him on the street. He looked familiar but I could not remember who he was. Although I was at least 100 meters past him, I thought to myself, "This person is predestined. I need to clarify the truth to him." So I turned back. After talking with him, I learned that he was a fellow from my hometown that I had not seen for 30 years. After a brief conversation, he agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations.

Another time while I was out walking, I ran into a couple that I knew. They were riding a three-wheeled cart to work. They waved to me and went on. Because it was a busy area and people would see me, the attachment of fear held be back from clarifying the truth to them. A moment later, I felt uneasy. It is crucial for us to save sentient beings at this time. How could I let the opportunity to save them pass by? I then hurried to catch up with them. I saw them split up at an intersection; the wife headed west and the husband went east. Because he was riding the three-wheeled cart, I thought it would be very difficult for me to catch up with him. However, he stopped to watch a chess game on the street. I then caught up with him and clarified the truth to him. I told him the importance of quitting the CCP. After learning the truth, he withdrew from CCP.

Since 1997, my work unit has had three different directors. Every time a new director arrived, I went to his office to clarify the truth. I told each of them how I had benefitted from practicing Dafa physically and spiritually, the magnificence and rapid spreading of Dafa, and how the CCP fabricated materials to deceive people and persecute Falun Gong. With Master's support, all three directors learned the truth and helped me a lot. Two of them agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Master has asked us to save all sentient beings. I encountered two situations while saving sentient beings. One is for those who had harmed me in the past, I need to be tolerant and forgiving. One person I know is a driver and we used to work together. One time, I gave him a brochure, and for this he later reported me to the 610 Office. As a result, the director of my work unit had a conversation with me. My family was very angry and wanted to berate this driver. I did not hold a grudge toward him. My only thought was that he was being controlled by the evil forces and his true nature was not that bad. I would try to save him when I had another opportunity. In the meantime, I would always greet him warmly. Finally, I saw him cleaning his car and no one else was around. I went over and clarified the truth to him. After learning the truth, he withdrew from the CCP. We are friends again.

Another situation is for those to whom I did not really want to talk. For example, I have a niece who became divorced last year. Because of arguments over money, my family never talked with her ex-husband's family. One day, I was taking a walk after dinner and I saw that her ex-husband was standing near me. What should I do? According to human thinking, I should avoid him and walk away. However, I thought to myself, although we are no longer relatives, he also needs to be saved. After a short debate in my mind, I went over and greeted him. I told him that although we were no longer relatives, I needed to tell him something very important for his own benefit. I then clarified the truth to him. He agreed to withdraw from the CCP and chose a bright future for himself.

My contributions in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings have been small. Compared to those diligent practitioners, I feel ashamed that I have missed many opportunities. I am determined to save more sentient beings in the future, walk the last path well, and return to the origin with Master.