(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wen Shuhua from Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province was put on trial around June 13, 2010 at the Yanhu District Court. No decision was made at the conclusion of that day's trial.

Ms. Wen was covertly arrested around March 16, 2010. Her home was ransacked and turned into a mess.

Since 1999, Ms. Wen has been subjected to persecution numerous times at the hand of agents from the Yuncheng City 610 Office and from the Yuncheng City judicial system.

Ms. Wen was arrested on December 11, 1999 and detained for more than 20 days. She was then sentenced to eight years in prison in 2000. Less than two years since her release in 2008, she was once again subjected to persecution.

Ms. Wen is now in the Yanhu District Detention Center. We have learned that she is in bad condition.

Three other practitioners from Yongji City are also held in the Yanhu District Detention Center: Ms. Wang Liying, Ms. Zhang Ailan and Qi Weisheng.

Yanhu District Court officials:
Zhang Zhimin: 86-359-2161888, 86-13903591898
Zhang Guansheng: 86-359-2129477, 86-13111295168
Shao Pangui: 86-359-2129478, 86-13903482718
Zhang Wei: 86-359-2128868, 86-13934098898
Huang Yong: 86-359-2129422, 86-13803476168
Xu Xuye: 86-359-2129491, 86-359-3598003
Shi Gaojie: 86-359-2129485, 86-13835999958
Duan Meiying: 86-359-2129490, 86-13333599067