(Clearwisdom.net) Before I started practicing Falun Dafa I suffered from a serious nervous disorder. My problem disappeared after twenty days of practicing Falun Dafa. I now sleep soundly and feel very energetic when I wake up. However, I haven't yet let go of the attachment to sleep even after practicing Falun Gong for twelve years.

By consistently practicing Falun Gong, I decreased my sleep time from no less than nine and a half hours, to between five and a half to six hours a night. However, I continue asking myself, "How many hours did I sleep today?" I slept until four o'clock in the morning. If I interrupted my sleep to send forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I overslept the next day and couldn't do the morning exercises. Master has asked us to send forth righteous thoughts. However, I have only done so at midnight no more than thirty times over the last ten years.

I made up my mind to improve in that regard several times, but I didn't use my true thoughts, and my efforts had no effect at all. I despaired. Several times I knew for sure it was Master who woke me up. Once last winter, I should have been cold and sleepy, but when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I felt warm, and the energy I sent out was very powerful. I was not sleepy at all. I was enlightened that it was Master who was encouraging me to get up at midnight to send forth righteous thoughts. But the very next night, I failed to get up at the set time. I woke up several times, but I was not conscious. The hand I tried to hold upright fell down. I raised it up, and it fell down again. Without being aware of it, I fell back and fell asleep.

The other day, the evil forces interfered with what I did to save sentient beings. Following what Master told us, I looked within myself, and I discovered two main reasons. First, I had not been studying the Fa diligently during the previous ten days. Secondly, I had not sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight--a big loophole.

I temporarily stopped doing things relevant to saving sentient beings and studied the Fa carefully. I set up an alarm on my cellphone, set to vibrate, so it wouldn't bother others. When the alarm woke me, I didn't feel sleepy at all. When I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I was fully conscious.

"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun) For the past four days I have been in good condition to send forth righteous thoughts. I considered sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight as a big mountain to climb, but I realized I must do it, and Master helped me out by removing this big mountain.

I feel great regret that I did not do a good job before. I didn't do my best to clear the evil forces. It is Master and fellow practitioners who made it up for me.

I am writing this article to remind fellow practitioners who have not done a good job in sending forth righteous thoughts, as I did, to overcome it. It is nothing. As long as we truly think we can overcome it, we can do it, because we have Master, who has been helping us all the time.

May 27, 2010