(Clearwisdom.net) When I read articles about the persecution on the Clearwisdom website in the past, I felt rather uncomfortable. I knew that the persecution was serious and wondered whether it could happen to me. Furthermore, I felt that the persecution was happening randomly, and it could hurt anyone. I also could not understand why people could be illegally sentenced to eight or ten years in prison or even be tortured to death. Recently, I've had several breakthroughs in my cultivation, and events taking place around me allowed me to see some of the root causes of the persecution. This is my personal view based upon what I have learned from certain situations. It may not hold true in all cases.

1. Being persecuted by the old forces

Some practitioners who were persecuted were not rational and lacked a clear understanding of the Dafa principles. Although they did the exercises, they continued to hold on to human notions when conducting themselves. The old forces saw this and took advantage of it, since they want to get rid of practitioners who fail to understand the Dafa principles well. We know that although Dafa practitioners are not perfect, we do not acknowledge the old forces' persecution. However, just making such a statement won't do any good. The level of one's mindset must reach a certain stage in order to be able to truly deny the old forces.

We need to ask: How successful is the practitioner in his or her cultivation and in helping Master save sentient beings? For example, one practitioner was illegally sentenced to four years in prison. She had been a practitioner for many years but did not let go of some major attachments. Although she did the exercises, studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts and prepared truth-clarification DVDs, she did this without understanding the true purpose of what she was doing. She was also on bad terms with many other practitioners.

Why are some truth-clarification DVDs and fliers thrown into the garbage? I think the reason is that they were not prepared or distributed by a practitioner with a proper frame of mind. Under normal conditions, a true practitioner considers Dafa activities as sacred missions. Materials for explaining the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution need to be prepared with a righteous mind. Only then are they truly useful for saving sentient beings.

It is also important to have a right frame of mind when distributing these materials. The proper attitude is that we are here to save sentient beings and to validate the Fa while we cultivate to godhood. Whoever is distributing the materials should not add his or her personal mood to the process. A proper frame of mind will lead to positive results. However, if the person is fearful, in a hurry to get rid of the fliers, does not care about saving sentient beings or just wants to finish a chore, the end result cannot be good. Hence, the issue is not how many DVDs or fliers you have distributed. The real issue is whether the person receiving the flier has gotten the true message.

2. Dying as a result of the persecution

Some Dafa practitioners in labor camps or prisons may have felt that the persecution was too much to take, and so they wanted to leave the human world or reach consummation quickly. This is a dangerous thought. Some had been fooled by the old forces into signing negative agreements in a different dimension--for example, agreeing to be beaten to death in return for obtaining Dafa.

When one does not have enough righteous thoughts to defend oneself while being persecuted, a problem can arise. This is caused by holding on to human notions and failing to remove attachments. It is difficult to have righteous thoughts without removing attachments.

A practitioner should understand that his mission is to save sentient beings. Many sentient beings are still waiting to be saved. How do you save sentient beings if you are dead? Teacher and other righteous gods cannot help a practitioner when his or her thinking is not in line with Dafa principles.

3. Being illegally sentenced to long prison terms

I think getting arrested and sentenced to long prison terms may be a result of holding on to human notions. Lust or improper relations between a man and a woman, validating oneself instead of the Fa, jealousy, competitiveness, showing off, etc. are all bad attachments that need to be removed.

Any practitioner that we are in contact with has a direct relationship with us. If we see a practitioner holding on to an attachment, we must help him or her remove it as best we can. Of course, the help we provide must come from compassion, and the guidance must follow Dafa principles. One must have patience when helping a practitioner. Many problems cannot be solved in one shot, and the person may initially not be interested in cooperating. However, we must be firm in our commitment. Great compassion can dissolve any problem.

If a practitioner's issue is very serious, I think it's best not to let him or her participate in some of the Dafa activities until the issue is resolved, so as to prevent problems from occurring. If a practitioner is arrested, it would constitute a big loss for the whole group.

Actually, helping others is a way to improve our own character, as one's own mind will be broadened in the process. If a practitioner cannot help himself or herself, and the practitioners around him or her are also unable to help, the situation will be bad. The old forces may interpret this as practitioners rejecting this person. Then the old forces may persecute this person, thinking, "Since you don't want him (or her), we shall remove him (or her) for you." Therefore, we need to have compassion toward our fellow practitioners.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is improper.