(Clearwisdom.net) Tuwei County Committee personnel in Liaoning Province, Chinese Communist Party members in the county government and police officers from Tienan Police Station have taken advantage of relocating some citizens in Tienan District to harass those homeowners who have not signed the relocation agreements.

When the police ran into resistance, some of the plainclothes police officers searched the homeowners' rooms. They then secretly hid Falun Gong materials and DVDs in their rooms.

For those who did not agree with the relocation compensation and did not sign the agreement, the authorities would then accuse them of possessing Falun Gong materials in their homes to coerce them to sign the agreement. They even arrested one homeowner and took him away using that excuse. In addition, a police officer from the Domestic Security Brigade arrested another homeowner, who was an actual Falun Gong practitioner.

Person primarily responsible:

Zhang Chunqing, Director of the Comprehensive Management Office, Deputy Secretary of Changtu County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-410-5822412 (Office), 86-410-5835118 (Home), 86-13841023118 (Cell)