(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Yue Naiming, 45, is from Jilin City, Jilin Province. He began to practice Falun Dafa in 2000. He owned a small shop in the Haidian District of Beijing. On April 27, 2008, on his way home from a market, he was shadowed by a group of people. They broke into his home as soon as he unlocked the door, handcuffed him and ransacked his house.

They took him to the Enjizhuang Police Station in Haidian District, tied him to a metal chair for an entire day and then fingerprinted him. He was taken to the Haidian District Detention Center that night.

Mr. Yue went on a hunger strike in the detention center. Seven days later, the guards force-fed him using a funnel, but he refused to cooperate. The guards forced open his mouth with a metal brush, injuring his mouth in the process. After the force-feeding, the guards poured cold water on him and forced him to stand against a wall. His clothes were covered with blood and vomit at that point.

A guard called the torture off when it appeared that Mr. Yue's life was in danger. He was taken to the Red Cross Hospital in Haidian District. The guards immobilized him on a bed with handcuffs and shackles and injected him with unknown drugs. He was later force-fed by someone who was not trained for medical care. The tube went into his nose and came out of his mouth, filled with blood.

After nineteen days in the hospital, Mr. Yue was taken back to the detention center.

The skin on his mouth was peeled off and he felt like vomiting when he talked. Despite being injured from the torture, Mr. Yue was sentenced to two years of forced labor. He refused to sign the agreement and was taken back to the Red Cross Hospital the next day. He was transferred to the detention center eleven days later and then taken to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Dispatch Division in Daxin District, Beijing. He was beaten because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. He was forced to sit on a bed with his legs straight and his feet on a stool. A man sat on his legs. His body was bent forward and there were four people leaning on him. His legs would swell up badly after a day's torture. His weight dropped to less than 100 pounds.

Fifteen days later, Mr. Yue was transferred to the Guanzishan Brainwashing Center in Changtu County, Liaoning Province, where he was held for three months. The guards lost his clothes and he was wearing only a pair of underpants.

On September 24, 2008, Mr. Yue was transferred to Weiningying Forced Labor Camp in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. Four people beat him until his face was disfigured and he could no longer chew properly. He went on a hunger strike. Guard Ding Huibo and Captain Yang (given name unknown) tied him onto a bed and inserted a tube into his esophagus. They did not remove the tube for seventeen days. He was force-fed with cornmeal. Director Meng Linxin and Zhang Kai, both from the labor camp's management division, shocked Mr. Yue's abdomen with electric batons. They moved the baton up and down his abdomen for a long time, and Mr. Yue was in excruciating pain. Later, the guards immobilized Mr. Yue on the bed with handcuffs and shackles. His arms became swollen. He was not allowed to use the toilet, which resulted in severe constipation and prolapse of the anus. He wet his bed at night and his cell smelled awful.

On November 25, 2008, Mr. Yue was taken to a different section of the labor camp. Officers, including Su Zhengwei, took turns brainwashing him and forced him to watch slanderous videotapes. He was constantly harassed by the officers. If he talked to others or others talked to him, his term was prolonged. He was not allowed to talk about the torture and forced labor to his visitors.

Mr. Yue was released on April 26, 2010. Local police continued to harass him. The Fengman Police Bureau of Jilin City took him to the local police station, located on Huashan Road in Jilin City, where he had to report his whereabouts on a daily basis. He was also forced to provide details on the location of his family.