(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of May 20, 2010, just after Mr. Lu Yizhong left his house, he was illegally arrested by two plainclothes police officers from the Weicheng District Police Department in Xianyang City. Now he is imprisoned at the Ta'erpo Detention Center in Weicheng District.

Mr. Lu Yizhong is a retired official from the Food and Grain Storage Warehouse in Xianyang City. He has been sentenced to forced labor and detained twice.

This time when he was detained, Hou Jun from the security section of his former workplace led five other police officers to grab his keys and ransack his house for Falun Gong books and related materials.

Before Mr. Lu Yizhong was arrested, from May 13 to May 20, police officers from Weicheng District Police Department and Dongfeng Police Station harassed him at home four times. They first claimed to be property management representatives, then to be from the Political Security Section, and then from the National Security Department. They claimed they needed to get into his house to talk with him, but were denied entry by Mr. Lu Yizhong. On May 14, a police officer from Dongfeng Police Station called Mr. Lu Yizhong's son, who is not a practitioner, asking him to bring his parents to the police station. This request was also refused (Mr. Lu Yizhong's wife is also a Falun Gong practitioner).

On May 17, Yin Hongbo from Dongfeng Police Station called Mr. Lu Yizhong, asking to talk with him over the phone. Mr. Lu Yizhong and his wife said: "Everyone knows that Falun Gong practitioners are good people, please don't disturb our family." Then Yin Hongbo said: "I don't think you are bad guys, I just want to talk to you so that I can report to my leaders." After his request was rejected by Mr. Lu Yizhong and his wife, the request for a talk evolved into arrest and detention.

People involved in this illegal arrest:
Weicheng District Police Department
Yao Huilin, head: 86-29-33880366 (Office), 86-13309101013 (Cell)
Liu Cuolao, head of Domestic Security Division: 86-29-33880386 (Office)
Lu Juying, deputy head of Domestic Security Division: 86-29-33880390 (Office)
Dongfeng Police Station: 86-29-33772754
Guo Zhongqiu, head of Xianyang Politics and Law Committee: 86-29-33880839 (Office), 86-13909100839
Xing Junqiang, head of Xianyang Police Department: 86-29-33880103 (Office), 86-13609218008 (Cell)
Quan Xiaofeng, deputy head of Xianyang 610 Office: 86-29-33268016 (Home)
Qian Junchang, head of Xianyang Party Committee: 86-29-33210980 (Office), 86-13909101060 (Cell)
Zhuang Changxing, Mayor of Xianyang City: 86-29-33210959 (Office), 86-15091000006 (Cell)