(Clearwisdom.net) During a Fa study, I was strongly moved by a statement in Teacher's lecture, Touring North America to Teach the Fa in 2002:

"You've got to try hard, and you've got to do well, because what you want is to consummate everything, and you have responsibilities--you have come with the mission and responsibility of saving sentient beings."

Since that time I have been encouraged by these words to move forward along my path of cultivation. At the time I did not have a deep understanding of what was said, but the word, "responsibility" impressed me deeply.

One day in 2001 while walking on the street, a fellow, collecting used goods, approached me imploring "Please help me!" I reached in my pocket and found no money. I looked into his eyes which appeared to be expecting something. Suddenly, I realized what I should do. In an excited voice I told him about Falun Dafa. He nodded continuously and the worry on his face disappeared. His eyes brightened. From that instant I understood what I should do. From that day onward, I knew what my mission and responsibilities were.

Since then, whenever I walk down the street, I take the initiative to greet people. From their eyes I am able to tell that they are expecting to be saved and are eager to be saved. As I continue to look into their eyes, I forget about everything around me including my own being and focus on only one thought: "Dafa can save you."

After listening to the facts about Dafa, people respond with bright smiles. From the look in their eyes, I know that the statements "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" have taken root in their hearts. Day after day and year after year, in the hot summers and freezing winters, I have continued to walk the streets to spread the truth about Dafa. From the look in people's eyes I have found satisfaction and I have come to understand with greater depth how compassionate Teacher is in offering us salvation. Whenever I have failed to take the initiative, after returning home I get the feeling that people are internally asking me, "Why won't you save me?"

My character has been improving through the actions that I take to save sentient beings. The greatness and beauty of Dafa has also appeared through the actions. While saving sentient beings, I feel the energy of compassion around me supporting me physically and spiritually. Hence, I enjoy doing more and more as my mind and body are purified more and more. My thoughts are more righteous too !

Due to the poisonous propaganda spread by the Chinese Communist Party, there are people that are afraid to hear about Dafa. When I find this happening, I shall look directly at his eyes and smiling while telling him the facts, I shall also send forth the word, "eliminate." Before long the fear in his eyes will be gone and I know he will be saved.

While walking on the street, a man waiting for bus was looking at me. I walked over to him and saw that he was smiling and looked excited. He looked at me as if he saw an old friend or relative. His eyes told me that he had found someone who could save him. After I gave him the facts about Dafa, he was truly excited and held my hands. He told me he lived in Beijing and was here on business. He saw the fabricated self-immolation at Tiananmen square. When we parted, he insisted on keeping my name in his cell phone.

One day I walked by a middle-aged woman. After about half an hour I came back on the same road and she was still there. I knew she was waiting for me to save her. Hence, I went to her and told her the facts about Dafa and asked her to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When I was ready to leave, I noticed that there were tears in her eyes. She was grateful to me and said, "May peace be with you." Her sincerity moved me to tears too. At that point I knew that all of the beings that we have we saved were truly grateful to Dafa practitioners. Their gratitude brought me great joy and comfort. Any feeling of difficulty and hardship that I encountered in saving sentient beings disappeared completely.

Not long ago I saw a man about fifty years old. He appeared to have had a stroke and was walking with difficulty. I went over to him and told him the facts about Dafa. Then, I asked him to say, "Falun Dafa is good." He had great difficulty saying the words. As he said, "Dafa is good." tears welled up in his eyes. He put his hands in the Heshi position and said, "Dafa is good! Thank you! Thank you!"

I knew that the tears from these people were due to an awakening of their true nature after waiting for many reincarnations. The case where a sentient being was waiting to be saved was almost a daily affair to me. There was an elderly couple waiting on the side of the street I was on; some others who saw me coming purposely walked in front of me so that they would not miss the opportunity to be saved; others crossed the road to come to me; some cyclists got off their bikes and walked over to me; and there were parked rental cars where the drivers purposely lowered their windows so that they could talk to me.

There are many instances. When I tell people the truth about Dafa, the compassion of Dafa shines through them. It is a touching sight which moves me to tears. It reminded me of the statements Teacher made in the Atlanta Conference in 2003,

"What have the living beings been waiting for? What are they here for? For exactly these few years!"

I truly feel the suffering of all beings struggling for survival and the hope to be saved. Every day after I have told people the truth, I have heartfelt gratitude towards Master 's great compassion and His concern for living beings. Every time I see the joy expressed by a saved being, an idea comes to mind: Master has done a lot of work! I want to thank Master and Dafa.

Fellow practitioners, let us be diligent. The time for Fa-rectification is limited. We still have many many beings to save. They are out there looking for someone to save them. I hope all practitioners recognize our great responsibility, to coordinate well, form one body, and be successful in our individual cultivation to complete our historical mission.