(Clearwisdom.net) I have independently and safely operated my home-based materials production site under Master's care and protection for quite a long time. I would like to share my experiences.

Producing Materials with a Pure Mindset

To produce the materials requires one to log onto the Minghui website. In doing so, one must consider some preconditions, including working with a pure mindset, and maintaining righteous thoughts. Whenever I am about to produce materials I say to myself, "I must..." Then I can complete what I want to. Of course these thoughts are based on my cultivation status.

Independently Operating the Materials Site

We first must develop the required technical expertise, and must not constantly rely on others. I purchase the raw materials and try to do everything myself.

I first learned about safety and security from a practitioner from another region, who taught me the computer technology. The practitioner didn't know that I knew nothing about it. She quickly showed me how to do things, and I tried my best to record what she said. After she left, I realized that we had not even exchanged contact information. I quickly went over what she said, but since I had recorded her instructions incompletely, I couldn't go on. I managed to find another practitioner, and if I have any questions I wait for him on his way to work.

I recently learned how to use Minghui email and asked Minghui technicians about technical issues. They have always answered my questions warm-heartedly. The key to becoming independent is knowing how to install the operating system, how to do backup and restore, and how to set up the computer securely.

Minding Our Speech and Paying Attention to Security

To work smoothly, we must mind our speech and pay attention to security issues. Only one of my practitioner family members knows that I produce these materials. Master has emphasized many times that we need to pay attention to security. The evil will take advantage of any carelessness. To some extent, if a person isn't cognizant of security issues, s/he is not a suitable practitioner to produce materials.

My materials production site uses a five-digit sum of money for operations. I use all of it for materials production and am fortunate to have some money for living. I believe we should keep the materials independent, and the source materials should be obtained only from the Minghui website.