(Clearwisdom.net) A villager called Wusheng from Dingzhuang Village in Cuimiao Town of Fucheng County, Hebei Province was resentful towards Falun Gong because his mind had been poisoned by the rumors and lies of the communist regime. The truth clarifying signs put up by Falun Gong practitioners were frequently torn down and destroyed by him. The village leaders often hired him to do this. Falun Gong practitioners, out of a heart of compassion, advised him not to destroy the signs, warning him that evil deeds are punished by heaven. However, young Wusheng's mind had been poisoned by the Party culture of atheism, and he refused to listen to or believe the warnings given by practitioners. The village leaders once again sent him to destroy some Falun Gong signs. For the sake of earning money, he continued doing this.

One time, during the repair of a well in the village, the metal racks that were used for the repair suddenly collapsed. Among the many people who were there, Wusheng was the one who fell to the bottom of the well. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was sent for emergency treatment at the county hospital. A large amount of money was required for the surgery, so the village leaders hurried to seek a source for the money. They blew a horn in the village and urged the villagers to donate money. In the village, practitioners Wu Shuhua, Xiaoqin, Fusheng and Wanjun all took the lead and donated one hundred yuan each.

Practitioner Liu Shuxiang's finances were tight. On many ocassions she had been arrested, detained and extorted for tens of thousands of yuan. As she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, she was incarcerated in Shijiazhuang and sentenced to two years of forced labor. During this period, her husband was injured in an accident while making repairs to the house. Their three children were all underaged. Since she was just released from prison, she had no source of income. Her financial situation was very poor. Yet even under such circumstances, she willingly took out fifty yuan to donate towards Wusheng's medical expenses. At that time, Dong, the old man who was responsible for collecting the money was so touched that he cried. With a lot of emotion, he said, "Shuxiang, this fifty dollars of yours was really squeezed out of you!"

At that time, it was the season for heavy farming work between June and July. Wusheng was recuperating in the hospital and his farmland was growing full of weeds with no one to maintain it. Liu Shuxiang, along with other practitioners, rescued Wusheng's farm. His crops were attacked by worms because no one sprayed pesticide. Liu Shuxiang and other practitioners also helped with this task, thus, saving the crops for that year. When Wusheng returned from the hospital after he recovered from treatment and saw this situation, he was very moved and said, "It is today that I really understand the difference between good and evil, truth and lies. In the past I had believed the CCP for over dozens of years and also followed suit, attacking Falun Gong. When I encountered difficulties, the people who really cared and helped me were Falun Gong practitioners. They are really good people. Everything broadcasted on television was all lies. I had been deceived!"

Wusheng finally awakened to the truth. Some of the villagers said, "The television broadcasted the so-called self-immolation, suicide and murder which we did not see in real life, but these Falun Gong practitioners are good people, and we have seen their good deeds for ourselves, first hand." In fact, in the face of reality, the people can easily distinguish between good and evil.

May 8, 2010