(Clearwisdom.net) I live in the Taihang Mountain Area and was fortunate to spend time with Master, witnessing historic Fa-dissemination moments and Master's salvation of people. I would like to share the following with everyone.

1. Witnessing the Wonders of Dafa at the 1993 Beijing Oriental Health Expo

(1) Inviting Master to teach the Fa in Shijiazhuang

In December 1993, I went to the "Oriental Health Expo in Beijing" as a reporter, representing the Shijiazhuang Scientific Research Institute of the Human Body. I attended the expo to check it out and to invite a well-known qigong master to teach qigong in Shijiazhuang. The trip afforded me the opportunity for a first-time meeting with Master Li Hongzhi.

At the Falun Gong display booth I casually picked up a book - to get Master Li's autograph. Many people stood in line. I stood along the sidelines, not knowing what to do. Just then I heard Master call on me to pass the book to him, which I did, over the heads of other people. Master stretched out his hand, took my book and wrote "Li Hongzhi, December 12, 1993." With a smile he returned the book to me. This is a moment I will never forget.

The next day I went to the China Qi Gong Scientific Research Association, the main presenter of the expo, and asked director Fei Dequan which qigong practice was good. He highly recommended Falun Gong. Our organization signed a contract with Master Li, for him to come to teach Falun Gong in Shijiazhuang. The date was set for March 3, 1994.

(2) Witnessing the wonders of Falun Dafa at the health expo

I walked through the whole exhibition hall. Various qigong stalls occupied one-third of the spaces on the left. Well-known doctors from all over China, specializing in either Chinese or Western medicine, occupied spaces in the center. All the other stalls attracted very few people, except for the Falun Gong stall, where a huge crowd of people waited, and one could barely get to the front. It was like that from day one until the end of the expo. Three long lines of people, stretching out to the entrance hall door, waited in front of the exhibition booth.

People who sought treatment from Master came from all over China and suffered from difficult and complicated illnesses. Some were pushed in wheelchairs, some were carried on stretchers, and one couple from the countryside carried their child on a metal frame. From time to time I heard people yelling out from the crowds, "Falun Gong can cure illnesses," "Falun Gong cures very fast!" I also heard loud applause, cheers, expressions of gratitude, and sobs, "(The illness) is gone! (The illness) is gone!" "It's magic!" I also saw people kneeling, kowtowing, and shouting in sobs, "Savior!" "Living Buddha!" I witnessed all of this with my own eyes.

On the morning of the expo's last day, doctors who occupied stalls, and those selling medical equipment, left their booths and went to Master for treatment. I asked an older Chinese medicine doctor, "Why do you seek treatment from a qigong master?" His face turned red and he replied, "He (referring to Master) can cure the root, I can't." This doctor had treated me in the past. He then said, "You'd better go to qigong for treatment."

(3) Witnessing the purity of Dafa

That afternoon Master gave seminar in a hall and donated the income from the seminar admission tickets to the Capital Foundation for Justice and Courage. Concurrently, the expo host held an award assessment meeting. I missed the precious opportunity to listen to Master's seminar because I wanted to be in on the assessment meeting.

At the end of the assessment meeting, Master Li Hongzhi was designated to receive the highest award presented by the expo, "The Award for Advanced Boundary Science," and "Qigong Master most acclaimed by the masses." Master won the most awards from the expo. Someone accepted the two awards on behalf of Master since he was busy offering people free Falun Gong instruction.

My first impression of Master was his young age, and his extraordinary disposition, so distinct from others. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have someone like him as my master?" When Master signed his autograph for me I could feel his kindness, and his smile instantly drove away my recalcitrant and arrogant air.

2. Learning the Fa and Beginning Cultivation at the 1994 Fa-teaching Class in Shijiazhuang

(1) Master came to Shijiazhuang to teach Falun Gong

March 3, 1994 was an unforgettable day for me. Even today, I can recall everything clearly.

As agreed earlier, Master arrived to teach the Fa at 8:30 a.m. The class was held in the Hebei Province Military Zone's hall. He began with an overview of qigong. About 900 people were present, of whom 600 were veteran Falun Gong practitioners who came from Beijing with Master. The rest were local people.

When Master walked into the hall he seemed to be kind, his face glowing with health and radiant vigor. During the first lecture Master told us to open our hands and asked us what we could see. My six-year-old daughter said loudly, "Mom, I see something! I can see it! It's turning like a fan, and it's turning and turning..." My colleague's child was yelling out, too. The hall was quiet earlier, but now people started talking. The atmosphere became lively and excited. Master asked us to stand up and relax our bodies. As he said, "relax," his hand grasped the air from right to left. Immediately I felt a strong beam flashing through the air and felt as if an electric shock went through my whole body.

At 7:00 p.m. that day we assembled at the Third Cotton Textile Mill dormitory club, a small, simple and crude place without chairs or a stage. In an adjacent room people danced and sang Karaoke, and it was noisy on the other side of the wall. Master didn't mind, and taught us the exercises and the Fa. He was so modest and easy to approach. We sat on the floor and listened to Master teaching the Fa. I felt so comfortable at heart, and all my worries disappeared.

The next evening, with Master's help, we moved the Second Cotton Textile Mill's relatively formal hall, and Master taught the Fa. There were around 900 people present.

(2) Master cleansed our bodies

Before learning Falun Gong, I had been possessed by animal spirits. When qigong masters saw me they kowtowed and bowed to me, and some even prostrated themselves before me, and knelt down. Of course I didn't understand why at the time. After studying the Fa I understood that they didn't dare to offend the animal spirits that I harbored. When Master spoke of spirit possession on the third day I felt extremely cold, and put on a borrowed fur coat, and on top of that another down outerwear garment. Still, I was cold, and I coughed and spat out a lot of phlegm. Each time I coughed, Master stopped lecturing, looked at me until I stopped coughing, and then continued. Master cleansed my body at the same time - there was inherited pulmonary emphysema in my family.

When Master taught the exercises, he called me to a resting room on the stage. He patted me three times on my head, three times on the back of my neck, and three times on the back, and then said, "Go!" I felt so comfortable and I had never felt so light and relaxed before. I asked Master later why those animal things got into me. Master told me I would understand after listening to the Fa lectures. He also told me to keep my eyes open when I practiced the exercises.

One of my colleagues had two-thirds of her stomach removed. That day at lunch she ate a large bowl of thick and hard noodles, and took no notice of it at the time. But when she saw me in the hall she told me, "I feel so full, and so comfortable." She then said with surprise, "Wow! I have eaten so much, and they were noodles. I had never eaten so much since the surgery." She made the heshi gesture and said happily, "Thank you! Thank you! Hua Tuo [a well-known healer in history] has returned!" Her face subsequently always glowed with health.

I have another colleague who suffered from vasculitis, and the bones in his toes were exposed, with yellow liquid seeping from the wounds. Doctors had urged him to have his legs amputated, and he attended the class as a last-ditch effort to save his legs. Having attended the class for eight days, his legs healed, and the wounds no longer oozed fluid or formed scars. Gradually, new flesh grew. His shoes were previously wet inside, but now they were dry, and his legs were spared. He told everyone he met, "Master is really extraordinary. Go and learn Falun Gong! Look, my illness has been cured!"

A colleague brought her son to a group photo session on the last day of class. He had fallen from the fourth floor of a building when he was six. He had brain surgery, but still had a brain aneurysm, and if it burst he could become paralyzed from the pressure on the nerves. She had spent a lot of money for treatment. She had brought her child to the classes too. Master came to see this boy. He touched the boy's head lightly, and the boy became well. He has been in very good health since.

(3) Master cleansed me of all my illnesses

Prior to Falun Gong practice I had many health problems, including arthritis, cholecystectomy, surface gastrorrhagia, duodenitis, gynecological disease, and inherited pulmonary emphysema. In short, I had had multiple illnesses and wherever I touched my body there was pain. The worst was the headache. After giving birth to my child I contracted childbed fever. I was cold all over and had severe headaches. They were so bad that I rolled around in bed in pain.

Western medicine could not cure my illnesses. My husband is a physician and found many good and well-known doctors to see me, but they couldn't cure my headaches, nor determine what my problem was, even from X-rays. My head kept aching. In summer I had to wear an insulated jacket and pants. When I went out in the winter I put on a leather coat, a down coat, a hat, and a mouth cover. I had to wrap myself up tightly. Even though I was only in my twenties, I looked like a thirty or forty year-old.

No one could cure my illnesses. But after I listened to Master teaching the Fa, my face no longer looked sallow and dry as it had always been. I no longer suffered from colds and no longer feared cold weather. During the winter I no longer needed to wear so many clothes and didn't feel cold. In summer I could even wear skirts, which I didn't even dare to think about in the past. I even went swimming and returned to my youthfulness. In ten days, from having looked like a 40 year-old woman, I became youthful and energetic like a regular woman in her twenties.

Then one night, with my husband away on business, I was home with our daughter. I slept poorly, kept urinating every few minutes, and felt the lower part of my body hurting, almost unbearably. As soon I lay down I had to get up again to urinate, and this repeated throughout the night. I only managed to sleep for an hour just before dawn. After I got up, I went to the toilet to empty the urine bottle. It was quite heavy. I didn't notice the contents at first because of the lid. To my surprise nothing came out when I tried to empty it. The gourd-shaped bottle had a big belly and narrow opening, and when I examined it, I was shocked to see the urine was a puss-and-blood-filled mass that filled the whole container. I was scared, but at the same time excited. My first feeling was that I was cured at last. I kept saying, "Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!"

I called my husband and asked him to come home immediately. When he arrived and looked inside the gourd he was surprised, "What's happened? What's this?" I told him, "This was what I urinated last night. I could not sleep the whole night, and this was what I urinated." I asked him, "What is it?" His eyes opened wide. He was dumbstruck. Then he asked me, "This is what you urinated?" I nodded my head. He took a closer look. As a physician he knew what it meant and mused, "How big the tumor would have been! Current medicine would never have been able to achieve this! It's incredible!"

After this incident my husband began Falun Gong practice, and later went to listen to Master's Fa lectures in Jinan. Everyone in my family knows the changes in me, and one by one, my sisters and all my family members began practicing Falun Gong. Each time I mention this incident I am moved to tears. I'm just so grateful to Master.

(4) Our great and compassionate Master

March 11, 1994 was the last day of Master's stay in Shijiazhuang. At 8:30 a.m. was a group photo session at the west gate of the Workers' Stadium, where groups from different areas were to have a photo taken with Master. A professional photographer asked ten yuan per person. Master said that was too expensive and asked us to find someone among the practitioners to take the photos. As a result, each person only needed to pay one yuan, to cover the photo processing. Master didn't want to put additional financial pressure on practitioners.

Master took photos with one group after another. There were so many people that it lasted until lunch-time. Master was asked to stand here and there.

I was filled with deep respect for Master. Such a great Master, so well-known, and yet he had not the slightest arrogance, and was so easy to approach and so kind. No words can describe my admiration at these scenes, and nothing is adequate to describe Master's compassion. Master dressed very simply. I especially noticed Master's shoes. He wore wrinkled, laced leather shoes. You could tell they had been worn for years. Master's clothes were simple. He wore a brown-colored jacket and pair of dark grey trousers, very neat and clean.

When Master demonstrated the sitting meditation, he removed his shoes. Sitting close to Master I could see his white socks; although they were washed very clean, I noticed worn spots at the toes and heels. Master wore a v-necked sweater that showed wear in the elbow area, letting the shirt show through. Obviously it had also been worn for some years. I had seen many so-called qigong masters in Beijing who wore brand-name clothes and shoes, some even wearing gold rings. But our Master was so modest and down-to-earth, and so easy to approach. No one could compare to our Master.

(5) Improvement and change in me in the early days of cultivation

At last I found the righteous Fa for cultivation and such a great Master. I felt as if I had long wanted deep in my heart to find Master, and at last had found Him. I shouted from the bottom of my heart, "Master, I have found you at long last!"

Falun Gong is peaceful, and the exercise movements are gentle, slow and smooth. The practice teaches people to be good, and how to cultivate one's mind and be kind. I suddenly saw the light in my life. When I was very young I thought, "Why are human beings human beings? Who made them? " After studying the Fa I came to understand the purpose for being human, why we should be good people, and how to be a good person. I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in everyday life and at work. My temper became better and I no longer became angry and was no longer stubborn.

I once bought mats for practitioners. Because I didn't know much about mats, some were hard, some were soft, and some were sub-standard. A few practitioners were unhappy and said, "She spent so much money, but the quality is so bad." My mind was unmoved and I felt calm. A 12-year-old girl stood up for me and said, "She used her free time to buy mats for you. Aren't you ashamed to complain? Auntie, don't bother to help them in future. I can't bear to hear them complaining." Those who were complaining then became quiet. I didn't feel anything when this happened. In the past I would have argued with them. Thank you Master, for teaching me how to be a good person. I can now handle a situation like this with a smile. When my husband mentioned this to me later I realized that my xinxing had improved.

Because I was managing goods in my workplace, I had previously and often taken some goods home for my personal use, including things such as laundry detergent, soap, spoons and bowls, etc. After I began practicing Falun Gong, I remembered the Fa teachings and requirements, so I quietly returned what I had taken home. A colleague said I was stupid to do so. I told her our Master told us not to gain petty advantages.

After the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution on July 20, 1999, the Party secretary in our factory broadcast on the loudspeaker that I practice Falun Gong and yet I had taken home things from the factory. He wanted to tarnish Dafa. My husband went to reason with him, and asked him why he failed to see that it was precisely because I started to practice Falun Gong that I returned what I had earlier taken home. The Party secretary suddenly realized what had happened and came to respect me.

3. My Experience Attending Falun Gong Class Again in Jinan in 1994

A few months after attending the Shijiazhuang Fa lectures, Master taught the Fa in Jinan City. I was very happy. My whole family went to Jinan.

After lunch, while people waited for Master in the hall, I held the wheel (the second exercise) and went into a state of deep meditation for about five minutes, and then heard Master say he would now start the class. I sat down and fell asleep at once and didn't wake up until I heard people applauding - realizing Master had already finished the lecture. But I heard everything Master said in my sleep. It was really magic.

On our way back to where we were staying, I recalled my experience while holding the wheel. There was nothing, but I was tall and huge, immensely huge, boundlessly huge. Practitioners told me later that Master watched me as I held the wheel. I realized that it was due to Master's strengthening that I had that extraordinary experience.

While riding a bus to the lecture site, one of the tires blew out. There were quite a few of us on the bus, and I thought we would not make it to the lecture in time. The driver said, "Don't worry, the next bus will soon come, and we will take you where you are going, but I can't tell how long it will be." One practitioner told us not to worry, and said that this was interference from other dimensions, and that Master would make arrangements for us. Everyone on the bus became quiet and exited the bus one by one. Sure enough, not long afterward another bus came. We even got to the lecture hall a bit early.

Approximately 4,000 people attended the Jinan Fa lectures. I took my daughter and my family to the front and sat opposite Master. I listened very carefully. This time was different from last time. Last time I simply wanted Master to treat my illnesses, and didn't listen carefully to what Master taught. In three months I had become a different person. I became healthy and quick in my thinking, and I was no longer cold all the time, and could even wear skirts. Master wanted to cleanse our bodies during the lectures and asked us to stand up, and stomp our feet lightly, and to relax. He asked us to think of one illness we had, and if we had no illness, we could think of a family member's illness. Then Master told us to relax. We all felt very relaxed. Whenever I recall this I feel touched for a long time.

At lunch, one practitioner told us he saw Master going to a small stall to eat, where he asked for a bowl of noodles. One practitioner left half a bowl of noodles. Master ate the leftovers as well so as not to let the food go to waste. One practitioner said in tears, "Master is so great!"

My daughter was over six years old then. When we took a group photo with Master she turned her head and kept looking at Master instead of looking at the lens. Later she said to me, with her finger pointing to her heart, "I want to remember Master in my heart."I was very touched by what my little daughter said.

After we got back, those of us who had obtained the Fa earlier shared the beauty of Dafa with more people. Only ten people initially practiced Falun Gong at my workplace. By July 20, 1999, the number of practitioners had increased to more than 600. Even during the last eleven years, living under the persecution, more and more people learned the facts and the brutality of the persecution through efforts by practitioners. These people no longer follow the evil CCP, and many have begun the practice.