Master's First Lecture in Australia

Master's first Fa lecture in Australia was held on August 3, 1996. Most people that came to listen to him teaching had not yet started or had just started practicing Falun Gong. Teacher stressed the importance of studying the Fa. Teacher's Fa lecture was very refined, vivid, and easy to understand. His teaching was later published as Lecture in Sydney.

After Master ended his lecture, some practitioners asked him to sign Zhuan Falun books and some also expressed the hope that they could have their picture taken with him. It was late already and there was quite a line of people waiting for him to sign. Master signed all the books and also had pictures taken with practitioners. Throughout the whole day, Master didn't eat anything, and only drank once during the the Fa lecture break. Thinking back, I realize now that we Australian practitioners were so fortunate and so inconsiderate!

When Master passed Darling Harbor in Sydney, Master told practitioners that the it would be good to establish an exercise site at there. There were many people at the harbor and it would save practitioners' money on promoting Falun Gong in a newspaper.

A few days after Master left, several practitioners started doing the exercises at Darling Harbor on the weekends. The Darling Harbor exercise site has always been one of the primary exercise sites since then. More than 200 people at a time have done the exercises during peak times and there are never fewer than 20. Many practitioners attained the Fa at the Darling Harbor exercise site.

When Master was about to leave, practitioners didn't want him to go. Many went to the airport to see him off. A practitioner took a picture of the plane when it was about to take off. In the picture, a big Falun and an energy field could be seen around the plane.

Master's Second Lecture in Australia

Three months later, on November 24, 1996, Master came to Sydney to lecture the Fa for the second time. The memory is still vivid in my mind.

On the first morning after his arrival, Master went to the Darling Harbor exercise site. There were 26 practitioners sitting in meditation on the lawn of a small grove with their backs facing the clear sea water. They all had their eyes closed. One practitioner accompanying Master wanted to tell them that Master was there and ask them to stop, but Master signaled him not to. Master watched the 26 practitioners until the exercise music ended. Then a practitioner said, "Master is here. Please gather." One practitioner recalled that when she opened her eyes and saw Master on the chair, peacefully looking at them, she thought it was Master's law body.

When people realized what it meant, they were very surprised and gathered quickly around Master. They listened with great concentration, and Master lectured on the Fa for more than an hour. The scene was quite sacred, harmonious, and unforgettable.

The news that Teacher had come to the Darling Harbor exercise site spread quickly. Many practitioners asked if they could see Master. Master agreed. On November 26, 1996, he met with the Australian practitioners at the Masonic Center, located in downtown Sydney. More than 600 practitioners came. Since Master's first teaching at Sydney, within three months, the number of practitioners had increased significantly. Master talked about many things, including the different levels of the universe's structure. When the end of the reserved time arrived, many practitioners wanted Master to say more. Master said that if we ran over the time, there would be more rental fees. To not increase the practitioner's financial burden, it would be better to complete the lecture on time. Master's every word and action showed his care for practitioners.

Several practitioners went to see Master off to Canberra. Master looked at each of them and said, "On your way to come to this earth, in each life, you all endured great hardship. Now at the final stage you attained the Fa. You all should be very diligent."

All practitioners present felt Master's care. Although they couldn't completely understand from the Fa the profound meaning of Master's words at that time, they felt greatly shocked.

Master's Third Lecture in Australia

The Australia Falun Dafa Conference was held in Sydney on May 2 and 3, 1999. Twenty-seven-hundred practitioners from Australia, United States, Canada, Sweden, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, and China came. Master also came.

It was just a week after the world-renowned "April 25" event when over ten-thousand practitioners peacefully appealed for justice for Falun Gong in Beijing. Reporters from many media wanted to interview Master. They requested to come to the conference to see Master. Master asked practitioners to inform them that they are welcome to the conference and that it would be better for them to first listen to the practitioner's sharing to understand Falun Gong a bit more before he met with them. So some reporters sat through the conference. One reporter started practicing Falun Gong afterwards.

The following day, Master met the Western and Chinese reporters in a separate conference room. Master answered reporters' questions one by one. One Western reporter asked some questions that seemed quite challenging in an unfriendly tone and impolite manner. With a broad mind and noble, upright, poised, and peaceful manner, Master answered his questions. People present all admired Master. As disciples, we had indescribable respect and pride in Master.

In the evening, when the conference finished, Master had dinner with some practitioners. Master looked serious. Practitioners also felt heavy in their hearts. Seeing nobody was eating, with a smile, Master encouraged us to start eating and to eat more. He also told us stories, including about the universe's captivating, moving, and tragic histories that were related to Australia, especially the predestined relationship that Australia had with Master and Dafa throughout ancient history. Master ate very little though. Two months later, the Chinese Communist Party started its full-scale persecution of one hundred million practitioners.