(Clearwisdom.net) In the 11 years of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong, practitioner Ms. Cai Yuchang and her family have endured harassment and threats from police station staff, 610 Office officials, and the residents' committee. Her two sons and one daughter who practice Falun Gong were taken to forced labor camps or psychiatric hospitals, and she herself was detained several times in a brainwashing center. Ms. Cai's husband, a non-practitioner, could not withstand the endless threats and attacks and finally passed away due to the stress and grief. The whole family torn to pieces by the CCP.

Her eldest son, Mr. Xie Chunze, was detained in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province for two years and two months. He was kept in a small cell, shocked with high voltage electric batons, and had blood taken from him against his will once a week. When he went on a hunger strike, he was force-fed. The prison doctor secretly put unknown drugs into the food sent to him by his family, causing Mr. Xie to suffer dillusions and unbearable headaches. When he returned home, he weighed only 35 kilograms (approximately 77 pounds) and could not think clearly. (Refer to "Mr. Xie Chunze and His Family Persecuted Relentlessly in Chenghai City, Guangdong Province" for details http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2009/1/19/104013.html)

The second son, Mr. Xie Chunfeng, was a clerk in Court No. 2 of Shantou Intermediate People's Court. He was taken to Shantou Psychiatric Hospital by Shantou Intermediate People's Court, injected with psychotropic drugs, and was nearly disabled from the torture. He was arrested again for practicing the exercises outdoors and detained at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp for a year. He went to Beijing in 2001 and was sentenced to two years of forced labor the following year. In the camp he was tortured with electric batons and given toxic injections.

Her youngest daughter, Xie Chunyao, was detained at Chatou (Women's) Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou, where she suffered psychological torture and was traumatized.

Ms. Cai's husband, Xie Jiqi, was a non-practitioner, but due to the long-term, endless threats from police station staff, 610 Office officials, and the residents' committee, he passed away from the immense stress and grief.

Cai Yuchang Taken to Brainwashing Center Several Times

In 2001, Ms. Cai lived in the Pengzhong District, Waisha Town, Chenghai. Director Weng of the Chenghai Comprehensive Management Office, instructor Lin Guangqu of Waisha Police Station, director Wu of Waisha Comprehensive Management Office, assistant director A Xiong of Pengzhong Residents' Committee security office, and other officials took her to the Chenghai Brainwashing Center. Prior to her arrest, Weng asked, "Are your children practicing Falun Gong? Are you still practicing?" After she said that they did, Weng said, "Then we will deal with your children and then you!" Ms. Cai was detained in the brainwashing center and tortured for over a month.

In August 2002, her older son, Xie Chunze, returned home after being tortured to near death by the forced labor camp guards. Xu Jinbiao, Li Shixiong from Chenghai, and Waisha 610 Office and security director Xie Yinan of Pengzhong came to threaten them under the guise of a "caring" visit. Ms. Cai told them, "You are responsible for the torture of my son, who almost died, and would have if not for practicing Falun Gong." The Chenghai 610 Office agent threatened, "You still dare to say Falun Gong is good, so we will take you to the brainwashing center again." When Ms. Cai was selling clothes in Xiacai Market, Xu Jinbiao, Li Shixiong, a Pengzhong security officer, and instructor Lin Guangqu of Waisha Police Station arrested her and took her to Chenghai Brainwashing Center.

On either January 3 or 4 of the 2004 Chinese New Year, over ten people, including Xu Jinbiao, Li Shixiong, security director Xie Yinan of Pengzhong, A Xiong, and instructor Lin Guangqu of Waisha Police Station, attempted to search her home, claiming that they did not know the whereabouts of her sons. Ms. Cai closed the door and refused them entry, but Xu Jinbiao and Li Shixiong directed others to force open the burglar-proof doors. They then broke into and ransacked the home.

In April 2005, in order to force Cai Yuchang to reveal her sons' whereabouts, Xu Jinbiao, Li Shixiong, a Pengzhong security officer, instructor Xu of the Longhu District Waisha Police Station, and others arrested her at home. She was tortured for four months at Sanshui "Legal School," which is the brainwashing center, and endured psychological torture.

Police station officials also installed a camera monitor near Ms. Cai's main gate to watch visiting friends. In 2007, she was forced to leave home.

Organizations and individuals participating directly in the persecution:
Chen Xianzhong, Chenghai 610 Office: (0754)-85887202, 85832333,
13509879369 (Cell)
Shen Shuyong, Chenghai 610 Office Domestic Security Division
Xu Jinbiao, secretary, Waisha Politics and Law Committee: 13902700206
Li Shixiong, director, Waisha Comprehensive Management Office: 13923903848