(Clearwisdom.net) As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are visiting Europe's tourist attractions. At the parking lots of popular sites, quite often we see more than one bus carrying tourists from China.

When the Chinese tourists disembark from their bus, on their way to and from the attractions, they often encounter an information desk for "The Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)." The volunteers there clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the CCP and advise people to withdraw from CCP and its affiliated organizations. They also distribute truth-clarification materials.

City-Level Cadres Quit the CCP

A senior tourist told the volunteers that he was a city-level official until he retired. He said, "I am sympathetic and supportive of Falun Gong from the bottom of my heart. Master Li Hongzhi is incredibly keen! He has led so many people to achieve healthy bodies for all these years. Jiang Zemin could not find any problems with Falun Gong after his investigations; he just fabricated the whole thing. In China, the CCP is very afraid of Falun Gong. The CCP will soon be completely finished! Falun Gong will soon achieve justice."

He also said, "Jiang Zemin created an enormous league of corrupt officials, bringing disasters to the nation and its people. I have seen it clearly. Who doesn't criticize the CCP? On this journey abroad this time, I see Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the truth everywhere. I am very happy and very moved."

He quit the CCP right then and there.

A Provincial-Level Official Quit the CCP

One of the CCP Quitting Center volunteers saw a tourist surrounded by a group of people, some of whom were clearing the way for him and others of whom were carrying his bags. The volunteer went directly to the "top gun" and said, "You look like a top official. You must be a very important official!" That person laughed and this volunteer said, "Higher than a bureau-level official?" The fellow who carried the bag for the official said nervously, "Don't ask too many details!" The volunteer continued, "I can usually tell what a person's job is fairly accurately. You have such a distinct style. In this life you have an official's seat because you have accumulated great virtue in your previous lives." The "top man" smiled even more. The volunteer said, "Now, regardless of whether you are a cadre, a top dog, or a small potato, everyone who has joined the CCP, the Youth League, or the Young Pioneers is facing the conditional proclamation: 'Heaven Will Eliminate the CCP, Quitting the CCP Will Keep One Safe from Destruction.' Seventy million people have already declared their withdrawals to save themselves. I hope you will also follow Heaven's will and escape the impending catastrophe." The official listened intently. The volunteer said, "It wasn't easy for us to meet. It is due to a great predestined relationship. If you truly want to quit the CCP, I will create a pseudonym for you to use. Will you accept 'Peng Cheng' as your pseudonym?" He said, "OK, I'll listen to you."

After a while, our volunteer met the group again. He joked with them, asking, "Am I right about his rank?" Others all laughed and praised the volunteer, "He is truly a provincial level official." Our volunteer said, "We wish you a bright future." The official said sincerely, "Thank you!"

Then the volunteer turned to the person who carried the bag for the official and said, "You are his secretary? You should quit the CCP as well." He tried to hide, saying, "I am just a cook." The volunteer said, "Look at your hands. How could you be a cook?" A young man said, "He is our official's secretary." The volunteer said, "Even the top leader quit the CCP, why should you choose the opposite path? Are you creating trouble for yourself?" That secretary had no reply. The volunteer then said, "Come on, why don't you quit?" The secretary said, "OK, I will listen to you!"

Original Article: May 2, 2010