(Clearwisdom.net) The Xi'an 610 Office had set up a brainwashing center in the worker sanatorium located on the southern suburbs of the city. The brainwashing center was secretly moved to Xuanping Garden in the northern suburbs of Xi'an after the New Year and Li Liang was appointed as the director. The move was done secretly in order to prevent the public from learning what was happening there. The new sign in front of the brainwashing center says "Shaanxi Province ( Xi'an City) Legal Education Base."

The brainwashing center is situated in a courtyard constructed in a way that is commonly found in the countryside. The gate is usually shut, and warning signs are posted on it. Under the direction of the Xi'an 610 Office and Li Liang, Falun Gong practitioners who end up here suffer brutal persecution. At the time of this article, seven practitioners are being illegally detained there. Two of them are nearly 80 years old.

Ms. Wang Qiuxian is 77 years old, and she is a retired worker from Shaanxi No. 4 National Cotton Factory. On March 22, 2010, five officials broke into her home and took her to the brainwashing center.

Ms. Liu Jing is 79 years old, and she is a retired head physician from Xidian Group Hospital. On the morning of March 26, seven officials broke into her home and dragged her down the stairs from the fourth floor to the ground floor. They covered her head with a black bag and pushed her into a police car. Then, they took her to the brainwashing center for further abuse.