(Clearwisdom.net) During the Chinese New Year in 2010 Mr. Wang Huanli, a practitioner from Fuyu County, Jilin Province, was arrested by local police. After he was released, he became homeless to avoid being arrested. Another practitioner, Mr. Liu Qing, was accused of being in contact with Mr. Wang and was arrested recently.

Mr. Wang Huanli forced into homelessness

On the second day of the Chinese New Year in 2010, Mr. Wang was reported and arrested. During his detention, Mr. Wang went on a huger strike to protest the arrest. Because he appeared to be seriously ill, the police let him go home but held him under house arrest. At home he was constantly harassed by the authorities. He learned that they intended to persecute him further when he received a notice from the Procuratorate of Fuyu County telling him to hire a lawyer to defend him. Left with no other choice, he left home and became homeless.

Mr. Wang is 51 years old and lives in Wanfa Town, Fuyu County. He was sentenced to forced labor and sent to Jiutai Labor Camp in Jilin Province and has been in critical condition because of the abuse in the camp.

In Jiutai Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Wang suffered from serious ulcerations in his lungs. When he went home, his condition became so bad that he constantly vomited blood in big mouthfuls. He had a hole on his left side of his chest, through which the festered tissue from his lungs was drained. He became bedridden and incapacitated, with only one of his lung lobes left. Being unable to work, he had no income and lived in a shabby room.

During the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, the police went to his home to arrest him, but they left as they saw him in his bed vomiting blood.

At the end of 2009, Mr. Wang resumed his practice of Falun Gong. Miraculously, he started to recover and he removed the drainage pack that was plugged into his rib cage to drain the fluid from his lungs. The drainage pack had been installed in his body for so long that it left an obvious hole in his left rib cage, which is visible even now.

Mr. Liu Qing arrested and held in Fuyu County Detention Center

On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year in 2010, based on the accusation that Mr. Liu had contacted Mr. Wang, local police broke into Mr. Liu's home to arrest him, but he was not at home. Mr. Liu then became homeless to avoid further arrest. On April 24, 2010, when Mr. Liu returned home, he was recognized by one of his relatives, Wu Lijun, who was a traffic officer. Wu and another two policemen tried to stop Mr. Liu. When he refused to stop, they called several more officers to come and help arrest him. He was held in the local police station for one night and taken Fuyu County Detention Center the next day.

Mr. Liu was tortured in hopes of gaining a confession, but he remained silent and appeared to be seriously ill. Before he was taken to the detention center, the police arranged for him to have a physical. There has been no further information available after he was sent to the detention center.

Mr. Liu, about 40 years old, is a practitioner from Wujiazhan Town, Fuyu County, Songyuan City. He had been sentenced to forced twice and was severely tortured, especially in 2008.

While he was held in Jiutai Forced Labor Camp, because he refused to give up his practice of Falun Gong, guards locked him in a dark cell and forced him to sit up straight for six days without sleep.

The torture Mr. Liu suffered in the labor camp resulted in serious physical injury that left him handicapped and bedridden for long time. However, the labor camp still refused his family's request for him to receive medical treatment. Instead, they tried to shirk their responsibility for his condition by attributing his injuries to beatings by police from the 610 Office and the National Security Group of Fuyu County. They told his family to seek justice from them.

Cruelly beaten by prison guards, Mr. Liu could barely walk. His head swelled and he suffered from deficiency of blood flow to his heart. He couldn't eat and vomited anything that he ate. He was sent to the Police Hospital of Jilin Province only when he was in critical condition, but the hospital refused to treat him. Then he was taken back to the labor camp. Afraid that he might die in the labor camp, they released him for medical treatment.

Mr. Liu returned home before the Chinese New Year in 2009. When his family took him home from the labor camp, they thought that he might die at any time on their way home.

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