(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Meixiang (pen name). I am 65 years old, and the local people all know about me, especially those from the 610 Office and the police. I have gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa four times. I went to clarify the truth on behalf of Dafa and Master, who saved my family. Several times my family members have been caught, fined, fired from their jobs, our house ransacked, and our salaries withheld, not to mention terribly beaten, detained, and sent to forced labor camps. When they ransacked our house, they even took a very old bicycle. Even now, my young daughter is still in prison.

Falun Dafa saved my family

Some people say I am foolish: "Why can't you just say you will stop practicing?" Absolutely not! I can't go against my conscience. It's possible that many people who say this don't know how I was before I started to practice Falun Gong. I used to be a teacher and was named as an outstanding teacher in my city and other counties. Because I worked so hard, when I was not yet 50 years old, I began to suffer from all kinds of health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, and heart disease. All the family savings was spent to try to cure me, but I still didn't recover. Once I even thought about jumping into a well and drowning myself. Just when I wanted to end my life, Falun Dafa saved me!

It was October 20, 1996, when I obtained the precious book Zhuan Falun. My whole family regards this day as birthday, the day that Master gave all my family members a brand new life. As soon as I got the book, I started to read it until it got dark, and after I got home, I continued reading until I reached the last page.

Master purified my body very quickly. My 80-year-old mother also firmly believed in Dafa. She saw that I became very healthy after I started the practice and she was really happy for me. One time she was really sick and had almost given up the will to live, when she suddenly heard someone say to her: "Hurry up, go study Dafa." She suddenly got up and came to us and asked, "What are you doing?" We answered, "We are studying Dafa." She said. "I want to join you." We wanted to help her to go back to bed, but she firmly said, "No, I want to sit to study it." She studied one lecture in Zhuan Falun with us. Very soon, she recovered.

Determined to practice Dafa despite the persecution

How magical Dafa is! It indeed comes from Heaven to save people. However, Dafa and Master are the target of such unimaginable injustice. On July 20 1999, the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution, everyone in my family cried, and one after another, we went to Beijing to appeal, calling for justice for Dafa and Master. My mother went to Beijing twice to appeal; once a police officer kicked her and said to her, "You are the oldest disciple." My old mother suffered so much from having her belongings ransacked, being illegally detained, and also bearing the pain and mental anguish of knowing her family members were being tortured. In 2002, she passed away.

There are four generations in my family, and all of them are practitioners. My son, daughter, and my husband all have been taken away and detained in forced labor camps. Even now, the salaries of both my husband and me are being withheld. I was detained by 610 Office agents in my school in a closet-sized dark room for one and a half years. My husband had to deliver food for me everyday, traveling from 40 miles away. However, no matter how much suffering we have endured, or how hard life is, my family is so happy that we have obtained Dafa and we are the most blessed people. We study the Fa everyday and do everything required by Master. Although Jiang Zemin and the communist regime have persecuted Falun Gong for over ten years, we still believe in Dafa and Master firmly and help Master in Fa-rectification. Just like other practitioners, we are becoming more and more mature.

Detained without reason, saving police officers with righteous thoughts

Dafa has spread all over the world and is being practiced in over 100 countries. More and more people have benefited from Dafa. How lucky we are that we practice Dafa and help Master in Fa-rectification. We cultivate ourselves based on the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, without complaint or regret. And we find all sentient beings are suffering, especially those police officers who are being deluded and exploited by the communist regime, even being encouraged to praise themselves as "tools of the communist party." I feel so sorry for them. When I was persecuted, I clarified the truth to them and asked them to be good to prevent them from committing more crimes.

My and my husband's salaries were withheld by the 610 Office, so we took this chance to clarify the truth to them and save them. On January 22, 2009, I went to look for a higher level 610 Office. I walked around the city for three days and asked every passerby I met if they knew where 610 Office was (very few people knew about this secret office), and I also took this chance to explan the truth to those I spoke to and encourage them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

On January 25 2009, I talked to a police officer and was detained in a public security bureau. I seized every chance to clarify the facts to them. In just two days, I had clarified the truth to a dozen police officers and helped them quit the CCP. After that, they knew what to do and I was released. I knew Master helped me to do everything, and it was actually all done by Master. I deeply understand that the old forces don't dare to oppose our efforts to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. Master is protecting us all the time. No matter how evil or dangerous things are, as long as we firmly believe in Dafa and Master and we have the wish to save sentient beings, Master will help us with all the difficulties. One key point is that we must have a mindset of being steadfast and determined and be righteous. When things go well, we should not develop the attachment of zealotry; and when we have tribulations, we should remain patient and calm. We should also should send righteous thoughts and ask Master for wisdom and help. Once we have put down the attachment to ourselves and only think about saving sentient beings, there is nothing that we can't endure.

I still have a lot of human attachments to be removed, but I am determined to cultivate myself in doing the three things to fulfill my prehistoric vows and go home with Master.

I welcome fellow practitioners pointing out anything that is improper.