(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Huang, originally from Guangdong, China, attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's show in Tainan on April 4.

It was her first time watching the show and she was profoundly moved.

"It was really very touching. I was told that Shen Yun was spectacular, but seeing is believing. Only after seeing it in person could I really know how wonderful it is. It's beyond words," she said, teary-eyed.

What moved her most was the compassion evident in the lyrics of the songs performed by the solo artists. The words made her ponder the meaning of life. "I began to feel that there's no need for human beings to haggle over trivial things."

She said that she had been deceived by the mainland Chinese media coverage of Falun Gong and had misunderstood it. But after seeing the Shen Yun show, her view of Falun Gong was completely changed, depicted in two dances, "Astounding Conviction" and "Nothing Can Block the Divine Path."

"Now I have finally come to know that Falun Gong practitioners are so compassionate. To display the banner reading 'Falun Dafa Is Good,' they showed their strong conviction. What man does, Heaven sees, Buddhas and Gods will protect them."

And seeing a mother and daughter torn apart and the mother beaten to death, in the heart-wrenching program "Nothing Can Block The Divine Path," brought her to tears.

On a lighter note, Ms. Huang noted her admiration of the dance "In a Miao Village." "[It] was full of national characteristics, and the dancers' level was very high. They would have trained rigorously for years, so that they were able to give such an outstanding performance. It is obvious that they were dancing with their hearts. I think that they have reached the level of selflessness," she added.

In addition, Ms. Huang especially praised the dance "Handkerchiefs." She said, "It was just amazing that the dancers tossed the swirling handkerchiefs so high in the air and then caught them so timely. Their technique is indeed incredible."

Moved by the theme of filial piety in "Splitting the Mountain," she said, "It was really very touching that such a little boy would know the quality of filial piety, and wanted to rescue his mother."

Ms. Huang expressed that Shen Yun has successfully illustrated the 5,000-year Chinese traditional culture, and the compassionate messages it conveyed has made people become more kind-hearted unconsciously. She also admitted that after watching Shen Yun, she, herself, was feeling more kind-hearted and more compassionate.

She concluded by saying that Shen Yun should perform in mainland China to let Chinese people know that Falun Gong is good, and she would definitely be passing that message on to her friends in China.

City Councilor Admires Shen Yun

Ms. Wang Chia-Chen, Tainan City Councilor, was also in attendance at the Shen Yun Performing Arts show in Tainan on the afternoon of April 4. She praised the performance, saying, "For many years, Shen Yun Performing Arts has dedicated itself to conveying ideals and values through the arts. Besides Taiwan, I believe it will receive tremendous echoes and enjoy great popularity all over the world."

Tainan City Councilor Wang Chia-Chen.

Ms. Wang loves the body movements of the Shen Yun dancers and the sincerity displayed in their performance. She said in an admiring tone, "The performers' exquisite movements, their masterly skills . . . the flow of their eye expressions, the rhythmic movements of their limbs and bodies, the affection in their eyes, and their interpretation of life ... people of our generation cherish such interpersonal exchange of sincerity very much."

Ms. Wang praised Shen Yun's vision to pass down Chinese culture. She said, "The graceful movements and the rhythmic agility demonstrated in "Flowing Silk" are so beautiful. I am astonished by the amount of effort that the dancing artists have been willing to commit. As an old saying goes, 'ten minutes of performance takes ten years of practice.' They must have devoted a lot of their time, energy and efforts to make the touring performance possible. I really admire it."

Ms. Wang watched the show with gratitude in her heart. She explained, "I am very grateful that so many Chinese people are willing to contribute their time and energy to participate in this artistic presentation. The Shen Yun performance is delivering a clear message--people must hold positive thinking and take responsibility for their own lives so that life can have more hope and power to make it more wonderful and compassionate."

Deeply affected by the song "Truth Will Light The Way" performed by soprano Ms. Huang Pi-Ju, Ms. Wang said, "Principles are conveyed in the lyrics." She added thoughtfully, "The most valuable things of Taiwan are democracy and freedom. Everyone can have his/her own ideas. However, by no means should we destroy others' beliefs because of our own attachments. The lyrics of the song convey the best part of Chinese culture. I hope with the breadth and profundity of Chinese culture, we can promote the good and suppress the evil."