(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Cui Yinxia, a schoolteacher in Renqiu City, Hebei Province, was illegally arrested and subsequently detained on March 31, 2010, for her belief in Falun Gong.

Prior to the arrest, Ms. Cui was a teacher at Macun Middle School. The authorities had previously sent her to a forced labor camp and held her at Xinzhongyi Township Police Station many times, where she was savagely tortured.

She was held in a detention center in August 2008, and Renqiu Court officials sentenced her to five years of imprisonment. She went on a hunger strike that lasted more than 70 days. Detention center officials told her family to take her home only when she was on the brink of death.

A trip to the Xinzhongyi Township Police Station on March 31, 2010, to get her identification card resulted in her most recent incarceration, this time in the Renqiu Detention Center.

Contact information for the agencies involved:
Xinzhongyi Township Police Station: 86-317-3337817
Chen Guangyi, Police Station head: 86-317-3337818 (office), 86-13803257835 (cell)
Li Jinpeng, Renqiu City Detention Center head: 86-13731709998 (cell)
Wu Zhiping, Renqiu City Police Department head: 86-317-3337501
Li Yening, Renqiu Court deputy head: 86-13932775166 (cell), 86- 317-2227566 (home)
Macun Middle School: 86-317-2805917