(Clearwisdom.net) In a violent attack, guards at Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp injured several Falun Gong practitioners in January 2010. Some were rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment.

In the afternoon on January 20, camp officials organized a propaganda drama show that included a play slandering Falun Gong. Guard Ding Lizhe from the No. 501 Team directed the show.

Practitioners Mr. Mo Anqi, Zheng Wei, Mr. Zheng Chunshan, Mr. Yan Feng, and Mr. Yang Baili protested the show and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Guards and their assistants--criminal inmates--dragged them away.

Mr. Mo Anqi's jaw was broken in the assault. He was rushed to the Hebei Third Hospital for emergency treatment. He had to undergo a three-hour surgery. Guards brutality punctured one of Mr. Zheng Wei's ear drums. He suffered from ringing in the ears and a headache. A criminal inmate later on recalled that Mr. Zheng Wei's head was badly swollen and the floor covered with his blood. Mr. Yan Feng suffered open wounds on his hips. Mr. Zheng Lichun and Mr. Yang Baili were also injured.

The guards also subjected the practitioners to psychological abuse and held more than a dozen in a maximum discipline program. The captors used all sorts of techniques to brainwash them. Their key targets were Mr. Mo Anqi and a few others. Mr. Mo's broken jaw made eating difficult. Unsympathetic, guards Zhang Li and Dong Xinguo sent him to a solitary cell where he was grossly abused and mistreated. Several inmates forced him to sit on the floor with his legs crossed in the lotus position for nearly four hours during one torture session.

To further persecute practitioners, camp officials extended their sentences by three to six months.

The violent offenders, including guards Zhang Li and Dong Xinguo, went unpunished.

Shijiazhuang Labor Camp Fifth Division: 86-311-87754007 Ext. 78452