(Clearwisdom.net) Every cultivator knows that the three things Master taught us to do well are cultivating ourselves, clarifying the facts to save sentient beings, and sending forth righteous thoughts. These three things encompass everything a Dafa disciple does. We spend more time sharing about xinxing cultivation and truth-clarification, but do not pay as much attention to sending righteous thoughts, even though it is also an important responsibility of Dafa disciples. We need to have a good understanding of it and do it well.

Recently, I found that some practitioners did not have a good state of mind when sending righteous thoughts. I would like to discuss some issues we need to pay attention to when sending righteous thoughts.

The first issue is that we wait for others to inform us when to send righteous thoughts. Before or during important Fa-validation events, we wait for someone else to notify us. If we receive no notification, then we don't send righteous thoughts. Some practitioners even need others to tell them what they should be thinking when sending righteous thoughts. For example, in March 2010, the Chinese Communist Party held two large conferences. A large number of evil factors gathered in Beijing in other dimensions. It was an excellent time for Dafa disciples to send righteous thoughts and eliminate them. Although it was such an obvious opportunity, some practitioners still waited for notification from others. Their completely passive attitude undoubtedly negatively impacted the results. The evil factors' lives were extended, and we did not save as many sentient beings as we could have.

We cannot wait any longer! We have followed Master in validating the Fa all along. We will become lords and kings of gigantic celestial bodies. How can we always wait for others?

The second issue is emotions involved in sending righteous thoughts. For example, when a practitioner we know or like, or lives near us is detained, we pay close attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. Otherwise, we don't pay much attention. Sending forth righteous thoughts is such a sacred matter. If our emotions are involved, the old forces will definitely exploit our gaps, inflate our attachments, and make us indifferent to the fate of practitioners whom we don't know. Such emotions significantly weaken us as one body in sending righteous thoughts. It has a very negative effect on our rescue work and group efforts to eliminate the evil factors.

The third issue is our inability to view Dafa disciples inside and outside of China as one body.

In the last few years, Dafa disciples outside of China have done a lot of work in supporting Dafa disciples inside China and helping the Chinese people to see the facts about the persecution. Sometimes they ran into difficulties, and sometimes they were quite successful. Yet many practitioners in China feel the overseas practitioners' difficulties have nothing to do with them. They view practitioners outside of China as a separate group, or feel that the physical distance is too great to overcome. They are only watching the progress made by overseas practitioners; they do not view all the practitioners as one body. This has weakened the force of Dafa disciples for validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Master has said that the main body of Dafa practitioners are in Mainland China. Overseas practitioners are supporting Dafa practitioners in China. As a member of the main body of Dafa disciples, our failure to support global efforts to validate the Fa and save sentient beings with righteous thoughts has severely hindered the Fa-rectification process!

Fellow practitioners, we should examine ourselves on the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts. How much have we applied ourselves to it? Master has given us the Fa implement of sending righteous thoughts, and has high hopes for us. Have we used righteous thoughts to the fullest extent? In May, the World Expo will be held in Shanghai. The CCP is frightened by the global progress of the Fa-rectification. It will gather evil factors and cause problems. On the other hand, this is another excellent opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate them. I hope that Dafa practitioners in China can use their strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil. One thing we should note is that we must have an upright mentality when sending righteous thoughts. We are Dafa disciples; we are selfless beings. We do not send forth righteous thoughts to protect ourselves. We do it to protect sentient beings.

I don't mean to point fingers, as I am also a disciple in Mainland China. I would like to share my current understanding on this issue with others so that we can discuss and improve together.