(Clearwisdom.net) YUNLIN, Taiwan-The Deputy Magistrate for Yunlin County, Mr. Lin Yuan-Qiun, attended the premiere performance of the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company on April 21 in Yunlin. After the show he said what he admired most about the performance was that Shen Yun pays great attention to detail.

This was the second time Mr. Lin had seen Shen Yun, so he was aware that he would be seeing a show of high quality. He said, "I've been saying this is a very good show. Attention is paid to every detail and we can see the dedication involved. This kind of attitude truly touches people. In Taiwanese terms, it's called Ding Jin. That means having real dedication to one's work. Everyone [each performer] pays meticulous attention to detail and, as a result, the entire presentation really moves people's hearts."

The dance "Nothing Can Block the Divine Path" was the most moving for Mr. Lin. "I almost cried when I saw the mother and daughter persecuted. From the angle of human rights, that is so wrong. With the current advancement of civilization, it is incredible in the world today that Falun Gong is persecuted [in China]. I think this needs to be changed," Mr. Lin said.

He pointed out that the arts have not been a big thing in Yunlin County in the past and that it was good to see County Magistrate Ms. Su Chih-Fen promoting arts and culture locally, in particular, by her inviting Shen Yun to come to Yunlin. Mr. Lin said, "Shen Yun can bring harmony and peace to the human heart and it helps to elevate people's realm of mind. It's such a great show and it's just in the vicinity, so I encourage Yunlin residents to come and see it."

Seeing the full house at the premiere performance, Mr. Lin said, "I'm grateful so many have come to see the show!"

Deputy Magistrate for Yunlin County, Mr. Lin Yuan-Qiun.

Flute Competition Champion: Shen Yun Conveys "Profound Spiritual Connotations"

Principal of the Mailiao Senior High School Chen Shu-tsung, who has played flute for over 35 years and won a national flute competition, also attended the Shen Yun performance on April 21. Attending with him was the principal of the Dou-Nan Senior High School, Chen Jia-Chen. After the show, Chen Shu-tsung said, "Shen Yun conveyed profound spiritual connotations through artistic forms."

From his perspective as a veteran artist, he said, "Shen Yun is not a variety show or an ordinary entertaining performance, as it conveyed important messages through high-level artistry."

Praising vocalist Huang Pi-ju's performance, he said, "Music really moves me ... The soprano was really great. The song she sang was so beautiful." Touched by the lyrics of the song, he added, "Human beings are subject to reincarnation, as we are supposed to return to our original, true selves. Whatever we struggle for in this life cannot be taken with us at death. I fully agree with that."

Chen Jia-chen said, "I came here with high expectations, and I was very much moved. After seeing the show, I was moved by the exquisite performance and the meanings conveyed behind the scenes.

"The programs were well organized, and the coordination of the backdrops and the dances was seamless. It was really amazing. Through such wonderful performing arts, the messages conveyed were easily accessible to the audience."

School Principals Chen Shu-tsung and Chen Jia-Chen.