(Clearwisdom.net) Staff members at the Chongqing Women's Forced Labor Camp use barbaric ways to persecute female Falun Gong practitioners, such as physical punishment, merciless beating, torture, and verbal abuse. The following are some detailed cases describing the suffering of Falun Gong practitioners incarcerated at the camp.

Ms. Tang Suzhen is over 60 years old. When she was incarcerated in Chongqing Women's Forced Labor camp in 2005 she was locked up in a confined space, forced to squat for long periods of time, and stand in "military postures" for extended periods of time. Guards Hu Xiaoyan and Chen Yanyan instigated drug addicts Luo Deying, Zhao Qin and others to beat her, curse at her, tell her lies, force her to stand in the hot sun, physically punish her, add unknown drugs to her food, and only allow her to sleep for two to three hours a day. After two months of such torture she had become emaciated, her feet were so swollen that they wouldn't fit in her shoes, and she couldn't concentrate. During this time she was not permitted to see her family.

Ms. Kong Xiangfen is 60 years old, from Dashiba, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, and a retired oil rig worker. In December 2000 she was sent to the forced labor camp for a year. She was also sentenced to two years of forced labor in January 2003. While at the camp she was locked up in a confined space twice, not allowed to sleep for a week both times, had her hands cuffed behind her back, was not allowed to wash herself, had her mouth sealed with yellow adhesive tape, was left handcuffed during meals and at night, and was not even allowed to change her sanitary napkins. She was forcibly carried to a physical examination, forced to squat for long periods of time, and had her hands cuffed behind her back—with one hand over the shoulder and the other pulled up from below. Two police officers even pulled on the rope that tied her hands, which caused her to cry out in pain. She was only allowed to eat a few bites of food by the criminals who monitored her, she worked hard all day and was then forced to transcribe labor camp regulations at night by guard Fan Peipei. Kong Xiangfen was only allowed to go to bed after midnight and sleep for three to four hours. Her hair turned completely white, her vision became blurred, and by the time she left the labor camp her physical appearance was so altered that her children didn't recognize her.

Ms. Wan Chuanling is over 30 years old, from Bishan County, Chongqing, and was sent to the forced labor camp for a year in August 2000. Later, she served 25 months (from November 2004 to December 2006) in the camp.

In 2001, when a prison guard found several transcripts of Teacher's articles in her handwriting, she was beaten all over her body, her eyes were blackened, the bruises that covered her body were still visible a month later, and she was not allowed to shower for over a month in the summer.

During the second incarceration in a forced labor camp she was locked up in small space for more than four months, suffered a mental collapse, had swollen feet and poor circulation that caused burst capillaries that were extremely painful and made it difficult to walk, and had her hands cuffed behind her back for over 10 hours. The handcuffs cut into her flesh, causing wounds to her wrists that were infected for a long time. She still has deep scars on her wrists. She was force-fed by Li Guangbi, during which her nose was held and she almost died from suffocation. During the force-feeding officer Hu Xiaoyan directed on the side, and laughed loudly when he saw Ms. Wan struggling to breathe.

Ms. Bai Shuying, 58 years old, from Yubei District, Chongqing, was sent to the camp for a year in May 2000. The term was extended by six months because she refused to give up her beliefs.

In March 2005, she was sentenced to 15 months in the forced labor camp. From April to September 2001 she was tightly tied with ropes all over her body, and exposed to the hot sun. Police officer Liu Yongqin and five others brutally beat her for over an hour. One officer pushed on her spine with his knee while twisting her arms behind her back, which caused a bone to break in her arm. Even then, her hands remained cuffed behind her back for half a day, and the guards would pull up on the handcuffs to inflict extreme pain. She was not allowed to talk, shower, change her clothes, sleep, or use the toilet. When menstruating, blood dripped to the floor. She was forced to stand or squat in "army postures". The evil people frequently beat and cursed her, purposefully hit the sensitive parts of her body, only gave her a tiny scoop of rice for each meal, and force-fed her when she went on a hunger strike to protest the maltreatment.  

Ms. Zhang Cong Yuan is 55 years old, from Guangan,Chongqing. In December 2001 she was sentenced to three years of forced labor because she was found with one of Teacher's articles. She was exposed to the sun for 19 days straight while the temperature was 42 degrees, she was deprived of sleep, locked up in a very confined space, threatened, made to sit in military postures, forced to do physically demanding labor, disallowed to talk, kept under "strict discipline" for three months, and often insulted publicly by the guards.

When Ms. Zhou Chunhe firmly refused to cooperate with the evil and refused to wear a labor camp uniform and name tag, her clothes were pulled off, and guards verbally abused her for over 3 hours as she stood naked.  

Ms. Zhou Chengyu was not allowed to wash herself, change her clothes, or freely use the toilet for a long time. She was also forced to stand in army postures every day for over four months, which caused her entire body to become swollen and distorted her face. The lack of circulation caused the muscles of her calves to atrophy. She could not walk, and had to be carried piggy-back by others. By the time she was released she was critically ill, and passed away soon after returning home.