(Clearwisdom.net) My auntie got married not long ago. One day, I went to her house to clarify the truth to her husband and urge him to renounce his membership in the affiliated organisations of the CCP. But he had the impression that Falun Gong practitioners are involved in democracy movements and this will drag him into Falun Gong activities and so on. He seemed unwilling to continue our conversation. I then showed him the video regarding the "words hidden in stone - CCP is doomed". After watching it, I asked him if he thought what the video showed is true? He blurted out, "I don't know!"

I told him calmly, "It is up to you. If you don't want to renounce your membership on the internet, you can also write the renunciation of your membership in the CCP and its affiliated organisations on a banknote and sign it with a nickname or pseudonym. Once you spend the banknote, it is considered done. In this way, I would not know and not ask about this matter again."

In an instant, I noticed that he lowered his guard and his expression changed. He said, "Now I understand, I know in my own heart about my renunciation and I will not be implicated with anything." I nodded and said, "Yes, so will you renounce?" He said, "Didn't you say writing the renunciation on the banknote would do? I understand what to do now."

I said, "Falun Gong practitioners care about people and take the risk to tell people about this matter. We have to endure misunderstandings and yet people do not believe that there are such good people." I said a lot more and he listened to me. He no longer put up his guard against me nor did he have reservations.

Many decades of killings have allowed most people to know that the CCP is vicious, but they do not dare to renounce their membership. They do not dare to go on the internet nor do they dare to openly express their wishes. But we should not let them lose this chance to be saved. We must use our heart and understand their mentality and be responsible when clarifying the truth.

April 11, 2010