(Clearwisdom.net) In 2002, I was detained in Xigemu Forced Labor Camp in Jiamusi and brutally tortured. Those in charge at the camp tried everything horrendous they could think of to force Falun Dafa practitioners to "transform" (give up their faith), including directing other prisoners to persecute us. The camp's goal was to meet its "transformation quota."

A girl I'll call "Li Qian," who was born in Hulan, was designated by the prison guards to monitor practitioners. She cursed Master as if she had no control over herself. She would pursue whoever attempted to clarify the truth to her. The worse she behaved, the more the guards used her and called on her for duty day and night. She would pace back and forth in the corridor to monitor our movements and to provide information to the guards. She blamed all her unhappiness and tiredness on Dafa and Dafa practitioners. She would then scream more hysterically.

One day, the guards arranged for her to monitor my cell. I saw her walking back and forth outside my cell, watching me. I felt pity for her because she was so young and the guards were using her to commit crimes against Dafa. I thought about clarifying the facts to her, but I was fearful. One day, her stomach ached so much her face turned blue. I told her to stay in bed and not to say anything, just listen carefully, memorize carefully, and not to think of anything else. Then, I taught her the verse for the fifth Dafa exercise. (I did not dare to ask her to recite "Falun Dafa is good." I worried she would slander Dafa.) I recited the verse a few times. Before I fell asleep, I heard her say, "Ah," which scared me. I asked her what had happened. She said that Falun Gong was real, that what we said was real, and that her stomachache was gone.

From that day on, she did not curse Dafa. She had a good attitude towards practitioners. She would not report us when she saw that we had Master's scriptures. She also did her part to protect us.

In 2003, I remember, we were handcuffed to metal beds, tied, and forced to sit on ground for more than 20 days after we were tortured again. We were not allowed to sleep on the beds and were handcuffed day and night. Officer Liu Yadong told the monitoring prisoners that they could beat whoever did not obey them, as hard as they could. Liu threatened to extend their terms if they were good to Dafa practitioners. Because the forced labor camp was just a hell on earth, all the prisoners wanted to leave as soon was possible. No one wanted to stay there a day longer. In order to please the guards, some of the prisoners collaborated with them to persecute us. Li Qian, on the other hand, washed our faces and cleaned our hands one-by-one. She told the other inmates, "If the camp authorities weren't persecuting Dafa practitioners, they would be harassing us."

I asked her if she was afraid of having her term extended. She said she was not afraid because she did not do bad things. At that time, her term was almost over. In fact, she was released on the very day her term was up. She did not get punished for being good to Dafa practitioners.

Original article date: 4/11/2010.