(Clearwisdom.net) In the environment of persecution, if a coordinator is arrested, another practitioner steps up, under pressure and even facing great danger, to take care of the coordination work. This selfless action shocks the evil forces, and creates glorious histories for these practitioners of the Fa rectification period. Every coordinator has gone through some hardships. In this final stage of Fa rectification period, however, why has coordination work become so hard? Why are some practitioners unwilling to cooperate with their coordinators? What's the real problem? I would like to share my understanding as follows. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Understand that a coordinator is also a cultivator

A coordinator is also a regular practitioner. In Master's eyes, no one is better than others. Therefore, the coordinators who step out to take care of the coordination work should be open-minded. Some coordinators reject other practitioners if they don't follow their orders. As a result, the forces for saving sentient beings are reduced and one harmonious body cannot be formed. This kind of leadership style is not appropriate for practitioners, however. It will make us fall and prevent Fa-rectification from progressing.

Coordinators are in charge of communications and coordination among local practitioners. They are volunteers. Their cultivation path is to help other practitioners and constantly look inward while performing the coordination work. They should be open-minded and let other practitioners do the best they can. They should help fellow practitioners to walk their own cultivation paths well. In addition, the coordinators should establish small groups for Fa-study or Dafa work. If any decision is made by the group, the coordinator should respect and support the group decision. Also, a coordinator should ensure that responsibilities are assumed by appropriate work groups and evaluate everything from the viewpoint of the Fa. As I understand it, the coordinators should behave like the junior monk Master talks about in Zhuan Falun, the one who cooks and cleans up for the others, instead of like the senior monk who makes all the decisions.

How to help the coordinator

Assisting Master in the Fa rectification period and saving sentient beings are the missions and responsibilities of every Dafa disciple. They are not just the responsibilities of the coordinators. If we find that some project is not well coordinated, we should try to harmonize it. Isn't this a good chance for us to establish our mighty virtue and form one body? However, instead of taking this good opportunity, some practitioners choose to blame the coordinators. They think that all the problems are the direct result of the coordinator's attachments. When the words are heard by the coordinator, he/she will think, "Why did I contribute so much and end up being blamed?" This generates conflicts between the coordinator and other practitioners. Both sides often forget Master's guidance to look inward, and forget that we are Dafa disciples. Their behavior is the same as ordinary people, leaving the evil forces to take advantage of their loopholes.

Use compassion to perform coordination work

I am a coordinator in my local area. I often use an ordinary person's mindset in coordinating Dafa work. For example, I often felt that my fellow practitioners did not work hard enough for the desired result to be achieved, or I forced my fellow practitioners to work together on something. As a result, some of them started to avoid me. Some of them pointed out that I had attachments and needed to improve. I felt upset and did not want to be in charge of coordination any more.

After studying Master's lectures at various locations and the new lectures in 2009, I suddenly understood that my coordination style was exactly the same as those used in the everyday world. I treated the coordination work as the most important thing. I wanted all my fellow practitioners to harmonize my coordination. On the surface, I promoted one body of local practitioners. However, I ignored the importance of Fa-study to really uplift their levels and their understandings of the Fa.

I now understand that I should put down the concept of personal power and let my fellow practitioners perform as well as they can. In order to coordinate Dafa work well, I understand that the first thing is to cultivate myself. This way, we can better harmonize what Master wants, better assist Master in the Fa rectification period, and save more sentient beings.