(Clearwisdom.net) To pressure Falun Gong practitioners into abandoning their belief, Shandong Province Women's Prison not only uses lies and torture to persecute them but also administers unknown drugs against their wills.

When practitioners were on hunger strike to protest the persecution, the guards forced them to swallow unknown drugs. When practitioners contracted symptoms of illness from long-term severe persecution, the guards put drugs in their drinks and medications. When practitioners refuse to "transform", the guards also put drugs into their food.

The use of drugs to persecute practitioners results in serious consequences. Practitioners feel sleepy, foggy headed, and petrified and suffer hypomnesia as well as all kinds of illnesses, including gastrectasia and indigestion. In addition, the drugs cause practitioners to lose consciousness, eyesight and even their sanity. Moreover, practitioners' arms and legs become numb and severely swollen from the drugs.

Ms. Wang Shupei from Zhaoyuan City suffered a hemorrhage from extended persecution. The guards put drugs in her IV fluids when she was in prison, which caused her vegetative condition.

Ms. Mao Fulian from Zhaoyuan City was on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The guards forced unknown drugs down her throat. When she had symptoms of illness, they also put drugs in her liquids and food, which caused her to become half dead.

Shandong Province Women's Prison also uses unknown drugs on other prisoners. Unknown drugs are used on those who are difficult to control, dare to speak out the truth, or refuse to buy the goods inside the prison because the prices there are three times more expensive.

We ask that all international organizations and people of conscience come together to stop the evil deeds at Shandong Province Women's Prison. Let's stop the 11years of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.