(Clearwisdom.net) I came to the United States from China in late 2009, and that was about when local practitioners began to promote Shen Yun. Through studying the Fa, I realized that Shen Yun is an important matter that Teacher is doing for the universe. It is also a good opportunity for us disciples to validate the Fa, save sentient beings and establish our mighty virtue. In the few months that I have helped to promote Shen Yun, I have deeply felt that only when we have compassion in our hearts and very strong righteous thoughts, can we validate the Fa and do well at saving sentient beings

Study the Fa well and be clear about our responsibility

From reading Teacher's lectures, I realized that in order to save sentient beings, we must truly study the Fa and cultivate well, because it is Dafa practitioners that are validating the Fa. Only if we do things in accordance with the Fa can the mighty power of the Fa have an effect. When promoting Shen Yun, we must have the sense of accomplishing a mission to be able to do it well.

One day, I walked inside a Mexican restaurant and introduced Shen Yun to the owner, telling her that this is a singing and dancing show that promotes traditional Chinese culture, and asked her if I could put up a poster in her restaurant. She gladly agreed, and directed me to the most prominent spot at the entrance for the poster. She also asked me to leave her a few flyers for her guests. This impressed me a great deal, as I left thinking that a Mexican could be so interested in Chinese culture, so there must be a deeper meaning to this. Today's people came for the Fa, and they are waiting and yearning to be saved.

Once, I went to a Chinese restaurant, whose owner was from Guangdong Province. I was happy to see a fellow countryman abroad. After our greetings, I told him that I was there to promote traditional Chinese culture. I told him that the Shen Yun show promotes Chinese culture and its unique characteristics, and all of us overseas Chinese have a responsibility to help promote it. He was very happy and told me that I could put up posters anywhere and as many as I want.

Of course, in promoting Shen Yun, I also met some people that said bad things. Following the principles of the Fa, I was able to remain unmoved, and it heightened my feeling of responsibility to save sentient beings. Some people indeed are deeply poisoned by the lies and propaganda spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If I do not hurry up to help them understand, they may not have another chance.

Although promoting Shen Yun was indeed hard work, I was able to maintain my daily Fa study and tried to cultivate myself at every moment. I feel that I have improved quite a lot. During the past few months, I went out early and came home late every day, and was standing all day long, but I did not feel tired and always maintained a positive, reverent mindset.

The environment changes when we have righteous, compassionate thoughts

One day, I was distributing Shen Yun flyers to passersby at a kiosk in a shopping center, when a westerner, who looked like he was in his 50's, approached me. He bowed first, and then shook my hand and asked my name. I was puzzled, not knowing what he wanted. He then said, "I was standing over there and felt that there was a wonderful energy around you." I tried to introduce Shen Yun to him, but he said, "You don't need to do that. I know what it is like. I want to buy two tickets for me and my friend." I knew that it was Teacher encouraging me to cultivate well and develop more compassion.

Interference occurred at times, too. Once, I went to a Vietnamese laundromat and told the owner that Shen Yun was coming soon. When I told her that it was a traditional Chinese cultural show, she immediately became angry, and said, "Chinese are our enemies..." Apparently, she had confused China with the CCP. I quietly sent forth righteous thoughts to get rid of the interference. After she calmed down, I patiently told her that Shen Yun was from New York, and that the show was comprised of classical dance and singing, and that it had nothing to do with the CCP. Her attitude changed and she happily took a flyer.

Working hard to introduce Shen Yun

A practitioner has to use her heart when clarifying the facts. In promoting Shen Yun, it is important to help people truly see the wonderfulness of Shen Yun.

For example in the shopping center, if a passerby had time and stopped to talk, I told them about how Shen Yun had been praised by people around the world, and showed them pictures and videos of previous shows.

Unfortunately, there were lots of people who did not want a flyer. In such cases, I would tell them that they should not miss the show, since it is the best show in the world.

Many people already knew about Shen Yun, so I asked them, "Do you know what Shen Yun means?" When they asked, I told them, "Chinese traditional culture is a divine culture. Shen Yun means that it is a message from the divine. Watching the show will bring you good fortune."

In the few months of helping to promote Shen Yun, I deeply felt that this is something divine that Teacher arranged for us. On this path, we are studying the Fa well to enhance our righteous thoughts and clearing away interference, and we are using our compassionate hearts to tell people about the Fa. Thus our prehistoric vows can be fulfilled.