(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner A was once detained in a forced labor camp and tortured. She was beaten and burned with electric batons. The camp released her early because of a dark spot on her lung, discovered on an x-ray.

She moved in with her parents. She wanted to help in her sister's clothing store, but was told that she needed to have her health certified to be a salesperson. She went to a hospital for a check up. The results showed that she was in an advanced stage of lung and lymph node cancer, and that the cancer had spread. She also had a fever and a swollen abdomen.

Her sisters wanted her to begin cancer treatment at the hospital and offered to pay her medical expenses. She thanked them, but refused the offer. She shared this with us in a group study session. We talked about how ordinary people would not understand illness karma and the persecution from the old forces. Thus, we have to carefully and patiently make them understand our position.

Her sisters insisted and asked their mother to persuade her. Their mother is a practitioner, too, and said, "She does not have to go if she doesn't want to." Her sisters then bought her nutritional supplements. She thanked them and put them aside. Her family told her to buy a life insurance policy, so that her children at least could have financial support if she died. Practitioner A said, "That is using my life to make money. My life is meant to help Teacher rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, not to exchange for money."

Practitioner A, given her firm belief in Teacher and the Fa, regained her health.

We had a sharing about her illness. She told us it was not enough to just do the exercises and refuse treatment, nutritional supplements, and insurance. "I must be very clear on the Fa principles. Looking within is the key," said practitioner A. Whenever she was enlightened to another Fa principle and looked within, her abdomen would shrink a little. She constantly looked within and her abdomen kept shrinking, until one day the swelling was gone.

Practitioner A said that her local Fa study group helped her eliminate her attachments based on the Fa. They treated her like a new practitioner and helped her improve little by little. When she suffered from the illness and was out of ideas on what to do, her fellow practitioners would help her find her attachments. When she felt like she was imprisoned by the evil forces, she would recite "Don't Be Sad" in Hong Yin:

Imprisoned as you are,
don't be sorrowful or sad
Carry on with righteous thoughts and actions,
and the Fa is with you
Calmly reflect on the attachments you have
Remove your human thoughts
and evil will naturally die out."

Her fellow practitioners asked her why she bent over all the time. She explained that it was to relieve the pain in her abdomen. They encouraged her, saying, "The stronger you are, the weaker the evil forces will be and they will eventually die. The more you bend over and yield to the pain, you are, in fact, nourishing the evil forces and following their arrangements." From then on, she kept her back straight at all times. When the pain was unbearable, practitioners would sent righteous thoughts and study the Fa with her to help her look within, improve her character, and have more faith.

Practitioner A believes that the reason she could break the illness interference is that she attended two Fa study groups daily. She immersed herself into the Fa, listened to Teacher's recorded lectures, and was the beneficiary of local practitioners' help and support.

Several practitioners in the city where I live died because of illness interference. Some of them bought life insurance and some took nutritional supplements. One of them was, in fact, an anti-cancer drug that a practitioner's family gave him/her without his/her consent.

I also know that, in a nearby city, several practitioners suffered from illness interference. To help these practitioners, all the practitioners in the county surrounded them and sent righteous thoughts for them. They did not pay attention to their safety, however, and dozens of practitioners were arrested. The material production sites were sabotaged, and many practitioners were sentenced to prison terms.

I know that, in the city where I live, a practitioner became severely ill and several practitioners got together to send righteous thoughts for him/her. This practitioner became highly dependent on other practitioners and would call practitioners to send righteous thoughts whenever he/she felt bad. This was in fact treating "sending righteous thoughts" as "qigong healing." They studied together but did not share their experiences. The practitioner did not look within and his/her character did not improve. After some time, the practitioner was hospitalized.