(Clearwisdom.net) I have cultivated for some time now, and would like to share my understanding about passing character (xinxing) tests and trials.

I have read many experience sharing articles written by fellow practitioners. In the past, I thought that cultivation was not at all easy. After passing one trial, another test follows, and one may fail the next one. It's not easy. Master told us to search within, and like many fellow practitioners, every time I ran into problems, I searched within for my attachments. Although I found the attachments, and knew that eliminating them was necessary for my improvement, I found it difficult and stressful to restrain myself while doing so.

Recently I passed a test and gained a new understanding of this issue.

One of my family members suddenly made some unpleasant comments one day. I knew that it was an opportunity for me to improve, so I thought, "All the bad attachments have to do with karma. It's the bad things that are painful. Ok then, just let it hurt." I then no longer felt the discomfort. Instead, I felt comfortable - as if the karma was being removed little by little, and the virtue was being progressively transformed. The more I transcended the pain in my mind, the more comfortable I felt - the karma was being reduced, and I could clearly recognize it. My willpower became stronger and stronger. I came to understand more deeply something Master says in Hong Yin, "Let joy be found in hardship."

Sometimes, when I practiced the exercises, I couldn't bear the pain and wanted to give up. However, what Master taught about martial arts qigong enlightened me to a new understanding of the exercises. I realized that when I am not able to endure during an exercise, it's probably because I lack willpower. So I must persevere, and exercise my willpower. With this new understanding, I found that I was able to endure longer and longer, and the pain no longer bothered me. I found "comfort" in it, although different from the physical comfort we normally talk about.

If there is anything inappropriate in my understanding, please correct me.

April 5, 2010