(Clearwisdom.net) One night in September 2009, I went out to distribute truth-clarification flyers and CDs, and tell people about the persecution of Falun Gong. One passerby called the police and reported that I was committing a crime. After distributing the materials, I went home. A few minutes later, seven police officers from the 610 Office and the police station broke into my home and ransacked it. They took my Dafa books and MP3 player, and then unlawfully arrested me.

At that moment, I thought of what Master said, that everything Dafa disciples encountered was not accidental. It was a good opportunity for me to clarify the truth, so I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen me in clarifying the truth to the police officers. I asked them to stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

I said to them, "We have a predestined relationship. You are all kind people. Please don't ruin yourselves due to a moment of weakness and also ruin your offspring's futures. There are so many disasters these days. Why? Isn't that because human beings have committed many bad deeds? You might not believe in fate, but you don't really have the final say. It is Heaven that will decide your fate. You might not believe in gods, but there are spiritual beings three feet above one's head! For example, if you pick up your phone and dial a number, you can connect to anywhere in the world, although you don't see how you are connected. You don't see how it works, but it indeed works. Because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) doesn't believe in fate or gods, it doesn't believe that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. It does no good deeds, but does many bad deeds. Heaven will destroy it."

While making this point, I asked the 610 Office head, "Are you a Party member?" He said, "Of course." I said to him, "You look like a gentle person. Why do you do such wicked things? My Master said that no matter what kind of job you have, Dafa practitioners should save you. If you read Falun Gong's truth clarification materials you will understand why Heaven is destroying the CCP. You should also read the brochure Riddle Becomes Clear after Seventy Years. You have seen the picture of the rock formation which has the characters "Death to the CCP" mysteriously carved into it, etc. You might also read my Master's books. Our Master is saving people. When you joined the CCP, you raised your hand and pledged your life to the CCP. When the time comes for the CCP be be destroyed, won't you be destroyed along with it? If you want to save yourself, you need to withdraw from the CCP. It will be good for you and your offspring to do so." He asked me how to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I told him that I would use the nickname f Li Shanyuan for him, and help him withdraw from the CCP. I then picked up Master's lecture "Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting" (June 6, 2009) and began reading it.

About two hours later they bought some food and told me to eat. I said I didn't want to eat. One police officer said, "You are a good person. How can we harm you? There is no poison in the meal." After eating, some of the officers went to sleep. The 610 Office head kept reading the book and so did I. In the morning, after I sent forth righteous thoughts, I slept for a short while. When I woke up, I noticed that there were fewer police officers than earlier. The 610 Office head had also left with the police car. I asked the officer who had told me to eat the meal where the other officers had gone and whether they went to persecute other practitioners. I said, "I am telling you that you will have retribution for doing that." He kept saying, "No, no. They didn't go to persecute other practitioners."

I had already told them that I would not answer their questions or reveal anyone's identity, so they stopped asking me about where I got my truth-clarification materials from. Only two officers remained to monitor me. I later learned that the 610 Office head, along with some police officers, went to my house at 4:00 p.m. that afternoon. They told my husband to visit me, but he refused. The head of the 610 Office then told my husband to bring some money and bail me out. When my husband said that he had no money, the 610 Office head said, "If you don't have any money, we will send her to Dezhou and sentence her to a two-year term in a forced labor camp." My husband replied, "Go ahead. If you send her back, I will take care of her, but I won't pay any bail money." My husband doesn't support me in my cultivation practice.

After returning, the 610 Office head began asking me again about how many truth-clarification materials I had distributed. I said to him, "You have read the Falun Dafa book. You also learned the truth about Falun Gong. Aren't you clear? If you already know the truth about Falun Gong and you still participate in the persecution, you will not have a future, nor will your offspring. He then asked me for my fingerprint and to sign the paperwork. I refused all his requests. I began sending forth strong righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen me to eliminate all evil factors behind them. I thought: No one could have the power over me. Only my Master will have that power. A few minutes later, he said, "Let's go." I asked, "Where?" He said everything was all right and I could go home now. I asked him to return my Dafa books. He told me that they would not allow me to take my Dafa books home. I cried and told Master in my heart, "Master, I didn't do well and was not able to protect my Dafa books." I told him that I wanted to go home by myself. He said, "I will take you home since it is quite a distance away." I thus returned home.

Looking back at those two days, I felt that I did well on one part, regarding Master saying that practitioners have no enemies. For the police officers who participate in the persecution, we should try our best to be kind to them. We should try to inspire their kindness and break through the concept of atheism that they formed after years of indoctrination by the Chinese communist regime. We should tell them the principle of good being rewarded with good, and evil being met with evil. In the mean time, we should believe in Master and Dafa and keep a strong righteous mind. We will thus be able to transform their evil sides to kindness. Not only will we be able to get out of danger, we will also be able to save them. Of course, if we want to be able to do that while we are imprisoned, we should diligently study the Fa. Under the guidance of Dafa, we will be able to adopt righteous action, that is, righteous thoughts with righteous action, and the results will be good.

Of course, Master is taking care of cultivators in many ways. If we treat ourselves as cultivators and have righteous thoughts, Master will take care of everything. So we should help people understand the truth about Dafa by constantly clarifying the truth. After people understand the facts about Dafa and the persecution they will genuinely support us, and will be able to truly save themselves.