(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xie Yu and his mother, Ms. Shang Xiaoli from Dalian City, were given three-year prison terms. Shahekou District Court officials covertly announced the verdict on March 31, 2010, with no one present observing the court proceedings. Court officials didn't inform the two practitioners' families of the upcoming proceedings until that same morning, so their family members were unable to arrive at the court in time to attend the court session. Ms. Shang strongly protested, asserting she had done nothing wrong. The judge surnamed Li responded that she could appeal her case to the intermediate court in ten days.

Mr. Xie, 28, an employee of Alto Locomotive Co., Ltd. in Dalian City, had mentioned Falun Gong and the persecution while chatting with friends on the Internet. As a result of this, four police officers from the Fuguojie Police Station arrested him at his workplace on September 17, 2009. The police also went to Mr. Xie's home to search for Falun Gong materials, where they learned that his mother Ms. Shang was also a Falun Gong practitioner. She was therefore arrested as well. The mother and son have been held in the Yaojia Detention Center of Dalian City ever since.

The family received a notice of arrest on October 22, 2009 from the Shahekou Police Department. Both of them were brought to Shahekou District Court on January 18, 2010. Their lawyer made a strong defense with undeniable evidence, and the judge was unable to raise any questions regarding the defense. The judge announced the trial was over, stating the court would release a judgment in ten days.

Li Bianjiang, Shahekou District Court judge, in charge of this case: 86-411-82793527