(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company returned to Stockholm on April 5, 2010 appearing before a sold-out auditorium in the 18th century heritage theatre, Cirkus.

Audience members showed their appreciation for the performances by responding with gasps of amazement and numerous rounds of applause. There were also lingering moments of intense silence when the audience was absorbed in a dance that portrayed a sad story or when listening to the sophisticated tones that flowed from the classical Chinese instrument erhu.

Renowned actress, director, producer and member of the Swedish parliament, Solveig Ternström, attended the second Shen Yun Performing Arts show.

"I was here two years ago. I think it's an amazing show. The things they do are just incredible. It's really a grand, artistic experience and such a wonderful crew. Such power and discipline, such beauty! Simply amazing."

Renowned actress, director, producer and member of the Swedish parliament, Solveig Ternstrom.

Mrs. Ternström is a renowned actress and director from television and movies, who went into politics when she saw problems in society and felt she might be able to do something about them. From her experience as a politician in a democratic society, she says there are a lot of things to discuss when it comes to democracy versus a dictatorship.

"Imagine if we couldn't freely discuss or describe our ancient history here in Sweden? That would be terrible," Mrs. Ternström said.

Reflecting on the performances Mrs. Ternström said, "It showed the dark sides of a dictatorship, how they treat people who don't share their world view. They're not allowed to practice their own ancient traditions."

Mrs. Ternström thinks this performance is extremely important. She agreed with one speaker's sentiment expressed during the reception: That dictatorship is defeated by a warm heart.

"It's stronger than anything else," Mrs. Ternstrom said.

Summing up, she concluded: "It's a joy to see, the dancing and the music, but there's a message too. I think they brought it out even better this year. They're really making a great contribution to the world!"