(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 2006. I first came across Dafa in 2003. My wife started practicing in 2002. Although I was not against her practicing, I did not start practicing myself. I only practiced it after suffering severely from diseases. I would like to share my cultivation experiences.

Passing the test of disease karma

Because I had arthritis in both of my legs, I had been taking medicine. However, the medicine had strong side effects on my liver, spleen, and stomach. I had visited many hospitals and been told that there is no good medicine for this kind of disease. I lost my ability to work and lost my job. Without income and a young child at home, I felt that my life was hard, and I lost hope. Under such circumstances, I started practicing Falun Gong.

In the spring of 2006, my disease recurred. Neither medicine nor transfusions nor pain relief medication worked. It was so painful that I lost feeling in both of my feet and lost control of my bladder and bowels. The worst thing was that I could not sleep. As soon as I dozed off, the pain would wake me up again. As a result, I could only sleep for one to two hours at a time. My wife convinced me to watch Master's Fa lecture videos. I watched them whenever I was awake. I came to realize that diseases were caused by one's own karma. At last I made up my mind to stop taking medicine and only watched Master's Fa lectures. One time when I was in pain, I knelt down (I only felt better in this position) with my head resting on my hands. I clearly saw a beautiful lotus flower seat (just like Master was sitting on in the Fa lectures). It flew, passing in front of my eyes to the ceiling. It disappeared when I tried to take a closer look at tit. After that, I was more determined in studying the Fa and cultivation.

During that period of time, every day I curled up on the floor because of the pain. I was very weak and pale. One time as I was listening to Master's Fa lectures, the pain struck again. My daughter was six or seven years old then and very naughty. She circled around me. I was afraid that she would touch my feet, and, sure enough, she stepped on them. I instantly fell unconscious. After a while, something like white ice about one meter long, half a meter wide, and half a meter thick seemed to enter my body from behind. As a result, my body was pushed forward. When I woke up, I felt much better.

I slept well that night. The next day, I could stand up. On the third day, I could wear my shoes and walk slowly. That afternoon, I rode a motorcycle. I told my family and friends about the miracle. I finally passed the test of life and death after suffering for over 40 days. Soon after this Master arranged a job for me and I started working.

Eliminating attachments

At the end of 2006, my family wanted to get a pig for the spring festival. At that time, I did not have a deep understanding of Dafa. I went to the pig farm, thinking that I had nothing to do with it since others were killing the pig. I took the pork home and put it in a big bowl. When I went to bed that night, I saw an elderly man in white clothes come and say slowly, "Who tells you to kill? You will suffer abdominal pain because of it." I woke up instantly and my stomach hurt. I vomited and had diarrhea that night. The next day, I no longer wanted to eat when I looked at the pork. It was there for over ten days. When it was close to the spring festival, I had to take care of it or it would go bad. I thought I would clean the feet and head of the first. In the middle of the night, the elderly man in white clothes came again. He said, "I told you not to do it. How come you still did it? You will still suffer abdominal pain." I woke up and my stomach started to ache again. I again vomited and had diarrhea. As a result, I did not eat any pork and did not have an appetite during the spring festival. I knew that Master was watching me and eliminating my attachments to killing and eating.

Righteous thoughts

I did not pay much attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. When a fellow practitioner was arrested, my attachment of fear surfaced, as if I could have also been arrested at any time. I worried about it and felt surrounded by fear. After discussing with other practitioners, they asked me to send forth righteous thoughts.

One time, I fell asleep when I was sending forth righteous thoughts. In my dream, a man in his 30s stood at the foot of my bed and shouted at me, "How come you don't get up and eliminate evil?" I immediately got up and sent forth righteous thoughts. My daughter played with my cell phone, making it ring every hour. At first, I did not give too much thought to it. Later I realized that Mater was reminding me to send forth righteous thoughts every hour instead of only doing it four times a day.

One time in a dream, a heavenly beauty sprinkled Falun on the human world. I said to her, "Let me help you." She said, "No, thank you. You should do well with your own things." I realized that I was sitting on a long bench without back support. I then fell suddenly to the earth. Later I enlightened to the fact that I needed to study the Fa more to save more sentient beings. Many of my family and friends have already withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party organizations, and many started practicing Falun Gong. Two friends of mine used to be reluctant to listen to me. They even asked me not to practice Falun Gong. After I sent forth righteous thoughts and made repeated visits to them, they started practicing Falun Gong.

Although I am not well-educated and my enlightenment quality is not good, I feel that Master is always watching over me. Fellow practitioners encouraged me to share my experiences to testify the magnificence of Dafa.