(Clearwisdom.net) On March 6, the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company presented two shows at U-Port Hall in Tokyo. The shows attracted many Chinese people, some of whom came from Mainland China just to see the the show. The spectacular performing arts and profound inner meaning of Shen Yun deeply moved many in the audience.

Renowned painter Ikeyi Yiyi saw the show with her sister. She had also seen Shen Yun last year. Ikeyi said, "The light of Buddha lit up my heart and I felt that my sleeping soul was awakened. People should return to their true self; this is the message of the show." Ms. Ikeyi has received many prestigious awards for her artistic achievement.


Renowned painter Ikeyi Yiyi

Mr. Fang was a plant manager in Mainland China. He and his wife drove five hours in the rain to see the show. After seeing the performance, he said emotionally, "Superb! Shen Yun preserves the beauty and elegance of our Chinese tradition. It is unbelievable."

Mr. Fang

Mr. Fang has a deep appreciation for music and has seen numerous shows in China and abroad. He said that he was very picky when it comes to the performing arts, and yet Shen Yun surprised him and left him in awe. "The costumes, color, stage design, music and choreography, everything was very enjoyable. It was a beauty which is so hard to express, a sublime experience and a truly pleasant surprise."

One audience member saw the show upon the recommendation of a classmate, who highly recommended Shen Yun to him. After reading the information about Shen Yun sent by his classmate, he decided to see the show in person. He initially planned to see Shen Yun in Hong Kong. However, due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party, all seven sold-out Shen Yun shows in Hong Kong were canceled. That made him all the more determined to see the show, so he flew to Tokyo. After watching two Shen Yun performances in a row, he said that his determination was well rewarded. "Shen Yun gave me a profoundly moving experience. Everything is so beautiful and harmonious. It made me understand what pure compassion and pure beauty are. During the second show, I immersed myself in the feel and touch of the performance. I gradually understood the message of the show and what it said about the meaning of life. This feeling is very special and hard to express. I will recommend Shen Yun to all my friends. All Chinese people should see it."

Mr. and Mrs. Ma came to Japan to visit their daughter. They said that Shen Yun was the best part of their journey to Japan. "It was astonishing! We will remember the show for the rest of our lives. We were born in China, but unfortunately, we can only learn about authentic Chinese culture abroad. Especially as Chinese society is undergoing a huge moral down slide, Shen Yun is so precious and priceless."

Mr. Ma said, "This is the first time for me to see such a perfect and high-level show. I was deeply touched. I saw my wife wiping away tears many times. From the warm applause from the audience, I think that they were also very moved. Shen Yun portrayed our traditional culture of five thousand years. It was very inspiring and I was amazed. As a Chinese, we can't forget our origin and our culture. If we do, we will lose our identity and morality will decline. "

Ms. Ma especially liked the story-telling dances. "Some of our legendary stories such as 'Splitting the Mountain' have faded from our memory. This piece emphasized filial piety. It was very educational."

The couple regret that Shen Yun cannot perform in Mainland China yet. "If Shen Yun could perform in China so that the public can learn about our traditional culture, it will be great!"