(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Niu Yunlian and Zhen Xiu'e in Dongshacheng Village, Xishacheng Town, Huaian County, Hebei Province were subjected to numerous arrests and detentions.

Persecution of Niu Yunlian

Ms. Niu Yunlian used to suffer from neurasthenia and had various other illnesses. She lived a miserable life and her whole family was also negatively affected. As soon as she took up Falun Gong practice in 1996, however, all her health problems disappeared.

Ms. Niu was harassed and persecuted on numerous occasions when the persecution began in 1999. The night of June 23, 2001, a group of people suddenly arrived in two cars and broke into her home. They included Zheng Haiying, Hou Guodong and Ren Rongde from the Xishacheng Town Police Station and Zhang Enjun, Wang Zhancheng and Li Haixia from the Dongshacheng Village Committee. They told her everything would be fine if she went to a brainwashing center for a two-day "study." That was a lie meant to deceive her into complying. They took her to the brainwashing center in Disitun Village, Huaian County.

While in the brainwashing center, the local people forced Ms. Niu to step on a portrait Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, curse Master, and watch videos defaming Master. Moreover, they ordered her to write guarantee statements. She firmly refused. They didn't release her, but instead assigned people to monitor her every move, including while she ate and used the restroom. Her captors compelled her to listen to words that slandered Master Li. When she refused they beat her. These people included Yan Zhi from the county 610 Office, Huang from the county Women's Committee, the Dongshacheng Village Party head Hu Zhirong, and Wang Fei and Ren Rongde. More than 20 days later they transferred Ms. Niu to the Zhangjiakou City Legal School (a temporary jail for practitioners). They locked her daily in a room, not allowing her to see any daylight. They forbade her to sleep; forced her to write statements to denounce Falun Gong, threatening to send her to a labor camp should she refuse. She was detained like that for about another 20 days.

Three years later, in February 2004, Niu Yunlian went to visit a fellow practitioner. However, Xuanhua Police Station agents Zhao Lihui, Zuo Yubin, Yao Yujian and Li Jianguo arrested her. During her detention at the station the police beat her and withheld food. Later on Si Xiaoming from Huaian County Police Department Political Security Section, Zhang Wanfu from the Xishacheng Town Police Station, Dongshacheng Village Head Ma Ruixian and Zhang Enjun from the Dongshacheng Village Committee took her to Huaian County Police Department. The group extorted 1,500 yuan from her before releasing her. The day following her release Si Xiaoming led a group of people. They looted her home around 8:00 pm. Unable to find anything valuable, the gang put her and her sister in detention for 16 days.

Four years later, on the afternoon of April 28, 2008, Wang Wanfu from the Xishacheng Town Police Station, Dongshacheng village head Ma Ruixian and vice head Wang Yanfeng broke into Ms. Niu's home when nobody was home. They stole her satellite dish and receiver, Falun Dafa lecture CDs, books, and exercise music cassettes. They went to her home every day to harass her family daily from then on. The morning of July 25, 2008, Wang Wanfu, Ma Ruixian, Wang Yanfeng and people from the Huaian County Police Department came to her home again. This time they handcuffed her and confiscated a portrait of Master Li and an MP3 player. They took her to the police department where they forcibly obtained her fingerprints. Following her detention in Zhangjiakou City for two weeks, they transferred her to the Shajiatun Brainwashing Center where she was tortured for another 15 days. In the end, her family had to pay 2,500 yuan to get her released. Due to the repeated abuse and mistreatment under the persecution, Ms. Niu has difficulty walking and using her hands and is unable to take care of herself.

Persecution of Zhen Xiu'e

Zhen Xiu'e, 60, had been plagued by numerous illnesses for a long time and couldn't find a cure. Soon after she began Falun Gong practice in 2002, however, she became healthy again, and can now do household chores and farm work. Her ability to help around the house and the farm reduced her family's financial burden.

Two years after that, in March 2004, Dongshacheng Village Party head Zhang Enjun and Xishacheng Town Party head Zhang Jianman led a couple of people to her home, attempting to force her to give up her belief and curse Master Li. She firmly refused to comply when they ordered her to write statements promising to renounce Falun Gong; instead, she spoke with them about the miraculous improvements she experienced as a result of the practice.

Four years later, on the afternoon of April 28, 2008, Zhang Wanfu, Ma Ruixian, Wang Yanfeng and a few others arrived in a van and broke into Zhen's home. They confiscated her color TV, satellite dish and receiver, and MP4 player. The next day they deceived her into going to the Dongshacheng Village Committee compound where they demanded she sign a document that they claimed to be the list of items taken from her home. The document was not such a list at all. It was simply some made-up stuff to deceive her. As of today, they haven't returned anything to her.