In the Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi, King Wen, after being informed of Jiang Ziya's proficiency in Yi techniques, goes to the Weishui River to invite Jiang Ziya to assist him in ruling the country. Jiang Ziya asked King Wen, "Are you sincerely inviting me?" King Wen replied, "Of course, I'm sincere."

Jiang Ziya then said, "Ok, I'll get into your carriage, and you can pull me to the capital city. What do you think about that?"

King Wen consented and pulled Mr. Jiang to the capital city.

On the way, King Wen said twice that he could no longer pull the carriage. Jiang Ziya encouraged him both times to hold on. King Wen stopped a third time and said that he really could not do any more. Jiang Ziya stepped out of the carriage. As he paid his respects to King Wen, Jiang Ziya said, "Please forgive me for the offense! However, [because of your selflessness in helping me] I will bestow upon you great fortune: Because you pulled me 808 steps [without expecting anything in return], the Zhou Dynasty will last for 808 years."

Upon hearing this, King Wen rushed to stand up and said, "Please get into the carriage, I'll pull you another hundred steps! Jiang shook his head and said, "It won't work once the truth is revealed."

The biggest challenge for people in China today is not knowing whether they should believe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa, a peaceful spiritual practice with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as its central principles, is brutally repressed in China, and a primary focus of the CCP's powerful propaganda machine. The choice is one between good and evil; between life and death. To put it simply, many believe that one can have a bright future if he or she quits the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and acknowledges that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.

Some CCP officers have said, "We know Falun Dafa is good while the CCP is corrupt and bad. We'll quit the CCP when Heaven eliminates it. And then we'll practice Falun Dafa, too." But will they still have the opportunity to do all that once the truth has been revealed?

So I implore all sentient beings, please do not put your life at risk for petty profit! Remember, just like in the story of King Wen and Jiang Ziya related above, "It won't work once the truth is revealed."